Yuzuru hanyu and javier fernandez

INTERVIEW-Figure skating-Fernandez takes tips from his skating 'wife'

yuzuru hanyu and javier fernandez


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This week they were both competing on the ice for the Olympic gold. Your wife is your friend, your wife is everything - but it depends on the time. When we are on the ice, we are competing against each other, but when the competition is done, we are friends again, and we work together again. If your heart isn't melting already, look what Hanyu did when Fernandez told him that PyeongChang was his last Olympics. Name me a better sports bromance than Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez??????????? Many are sharing old clips of the two figure skaters affectionately expressing their friendship which they do a lot. I mean.

Spaniard Javier Fernandez, a two-time men's figure skating world champion, will retire after the European championships in January, Spanish media reported Wednesday. The year-old Fernandez took bronze at the Pyeongchang Olympics earlier this year, when Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu won his second successive Olympic gold medal. Fernandez, who also won world titles in and , practiced together with Hanyu under the same coach Brian Orser in Toronto until last season. He has not participated in this season's Grand Prix series. Hanyu and Fernandez at the Sochi Olympics. To have the latest news and stories delivered to your inbox, subscribe here.

He agreed to give an update on his many prominent students to NBCSports. I wanted to be with him and see this. There is something special about Javier. Javi is loved by everybody parents, skaters, and the whole club. He worked hard as always, with a good attitude. We will miss his spirit.

The Internet Is Head Over Heels for the Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez Figure Skating Bromance

The Spaniard, who was competing in his last Olympics. Hanyu, who had also won gold in Sochi Olympics, became the first man in 66 years to defend his Olympic title., Keep reading.

Figure skating: Double world champion Fernandez retiring

When things are good for him, I'm doing badly, and that pressures me to work harder to keep up. Then when I'm doing well he's doing badly, and he gets sort of emotional about it," Hanyu said after his latest victory. I owe him more than I can ever say. When we're not talking, we just look at each other and make each other better. Hanyu, 23, welcomes the long-term support he has received from his friend as he has battled not only injury, but the emotional strain and disruption caused by a major natural disaster that struck his home town of Sendai in A training injury just months before the Winter Games in PyeongChang did not just place in doubt his chances of defending his Olympic crown, it also seemed to threaten his entire skating career.





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