Kurt kinetic rock and roll

Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart Turbo Trainer

kurt kinetic rock and roll

The T Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart bike trainer is one of our older app-compatible models. If ANT+ compatibility is required, try the NEW T Rock and Roll | Smart 2 dual-band trainer (Click Here). The Rock and Roll | Smart combines the world’s only free-moving fluid.

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Sounds like we need a Zwift Gear Test! Kinetic has been one of the last of the big trainer brands to come through the TitaniumGeek cave but this a company which largely needs no introduction. The Green Machine is a well-known silhouette, marking it out as one of the most interesting trainers on the market. The Kinetic Rock and Roll is unique in its ability to provide considerable lateral, along with some fore and aft movement when riding on the trainer — how does that effect things out on a race? Plus are the benefits for the more leisurely zwifting? Tacx, Wahoo and Elite all have their histories deep within cycling. In fact, you might be rather familiar with two of the companies who rely on Kurt — namely Boeing and SpaceX!

But it offers a uniquely 3D-realistic, luxurious feeling ride for those with the extra space and money to appreciate it. In a world where the 'unique' tag is routinely thrown around to describe anything even marginally different from the norm, the Rock and Roll is truly, properly out there on its own. Real-world wobbly riding Not that different in itself, you might reasonably say, but by putting a big block of rubber between the two halves, the bike and rider are free to flop about sideways like a fat bird on a small twig. The speed of the rear wheel also increases the gyroscopic stability of the bike and trainer, just as it does on your bike. It adds this whole-body element without the extra skill and focus needed to use a bike on traditional training rollers too, so you can still totally bury yourself into a high intensity workout without worrying about crashing or wobbling.

Bike rides take up much of the day and so a simple hour session during the week, can be an attractive option for busy people. The Kinetic Rock and Roll is certainly different to others turbos on the market; on size alone you can see its no ordinary turbo. The idea behind the Kinetic is to replicate road feel as much as possible, trying to make turbo training as realistic as can be, to enhance the users experience, like out of the saddle efforts. To a certain degree, the trainer has good ride sensation compared to others, but it takes some getting used to, especially trying to get the balance right. Though, for a newbie rider, we can maybe see the thinking behind it. Though we struggle to see the need for the Kinetic Rock and Roll, the real selling point is the fantastic fluid unit at the back.

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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I tested the original incarnation of the Rock and Roll trainer back in and I was impressed back then. The latest version, which allows you to use Kinetic's new inRide power measurement system available separately, but we've tested them together makes it even better. There are some questions about the value — specifically, the value of the inRide add-on — but none about the performance of the turbo, which is as good as it gets. Kurt have a guaranteed leak-free resistance unit, which they use on all their trainers. It's completely sealed, and only connected to the flywheel and roller via a magnetic coupling. That coupling is so strong there's no danger of detaching it with a sprint effort, and the fact that the unit has no moving seals means there's very little that can go wrong.

The Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer is a very famous bike stand in the cycling industry. It is the first and only one of its kind. Kurt Kinetic decided to take the less traveled or not traveled at all path when they made a trainer that sways from side to side as you ride. Many people have found the feature very interesting because it really gives their sessions a unique road-feel. Moreover, the swaying movement works the core making your training even more productive.

Kinetic Rock and Roll 2 inRide trainer review

Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll 2 trainer + inRide kit



the saddle. However we're not convinced if this is a feature that is really needed. Symon Lewis January 3, am. Kinetic by Kurt Rock n Roll trainer.
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