Difference between physician assistant and nurse practitioner salaries

2014 Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Salary Survey

difference between physician assistant and nurse practitioner salaries

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Salary Part 1

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While nurse practitioner NP and physician assistant PA professions both offer autonomy, responsibility and competitive salaries, there are clear differences between PA vs. NP careers. PA career path to better understand the difference between PA and NP roles, specifically educational requirements, scope of practice and career outlook. After graduating from an NP or PA program, students must be certified to practice. PAs are certified through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and must pass a national certification exam. NPs obtain certification in a specific patient population focus, such as the following:. NPs and PAs may also obtain additional certifications and sub-specialize in a variety of areas such as palliative care, dermatology, cardiology, and obesity medicine.

If you are considering an advanced degree in healthcare, you may want to know the difference between the nurse practitioner NP and physician assistant PA occupations. The truth is these two careers are similar in some ways, and different in others. Both provide career alternatives to professionals who wish to work in advanced healthcare but not as physicians. On a very basic level, an NP attends a nursing school while a PA attends a medical school or center of medicine. Nurses follow a patient-centered model, in which they focus on disease prevention and health education and handle assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Physician assistants follow a disease-centered model, in which they focus on the biologic and pathologic components of health, and also practice assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Professionals who seek challenging and well-paying healthcare careers may find themselves torn between two comparable disciplines: nurse practitioner and physician assistant. Both nurse practitioners and physician assistants are independently licensed providers. They are not doctors, but they take on some roles traditionally taken on by doctors, including making diagnoses and prescribing medication. They are valuable partly because of their role within an increasingly expensive medical system; their services are more cost-effective than those of physicians. NPs and PAs sometimes compete for the same positions. Some specialized positions, though, go to one or the other. Even when they perform similar functions, nurse practitioners and physician assistants draw from different traditions; they are educated in separate schools or departments.

Physician assistants PAs and nurse practitioners NPs hold important positions in the healthcare system.
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Family medicine was the most popular practice area for NPs In conjunction with NPs, PAs also working for 16 to 20 years NPs working on the West coast made higher salaries than those working in the Midwest, Northeast, or South. While most PAs work in the South, those working in the West made the highest salaries. Is now a good time to ask for a raise? The wage gap between men and women continues in all lines of work, and the medical field is no exception. A total of

Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant: Which Career Is Right for You?

2017 nurse practitioner and physician assistant salary survey

We get the question all the time about PA vs NP salary comparison. So we decided to answer in some detail. This is because NPs are Advanced Practice Nurses , meaning they are nurses who have had extra training to allow them to do more. So we did some digging and the result is our new PA vs NP salary comparison page. We hope that seeing accurate numbers for the PA vs NP salary comparison will leave you with a better understanding of both professions.

Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant

With Nurse Practitioners NPs and Physician Assistants PAs having some similar duties, many considering these healthcare careers are curious about the salary difference. Both fields can prescribe medication, perform diagnostic tests, and assess patients. Both practices must complete advanced education programs, with NPs attending nursing school and PAs attending medical school. Since these degree programs are neither easy nor inexpensive, salary might be an important factor in deciding which career to pursue. It is worth noting that salary can widely differ from state to state.

NPs and PAs reported different percentages in their area of practice following family medicine. By far, the most NP respondents identified themselves as family medicine practitioners Many PAs About half 1, PA respondents reported making more money than they did last year. About half of 3, NPs reported making more money in this survey period than they did last year. For both groups of providers, hospital practice delivers the highest salaries.

At first glance, determining the differences between the occupations might not be clear. Both NPs and PAs treat illnesses, prescribe medications, and work closely with primary care physicians. What Career is Right For You?
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  1. With Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) having some similar duties, many considering these healthcare careers are curious about the.

  2. 5 days ago Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Differences. One of the main differences between these two professions can be seen in the different ways .. Additionally, this position earns one of the highest salaries among PAs.

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