I ain t no joke eric b and rakim

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i ain t no joke eric b and rakim

Soundtrack (Song Credits) #36 - I Ain't No Joke - Shaft (2019)

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's vexed and parsimonious relationship with hip-hop is, by now, well established. RUN-DMC and Grandmaster Flash are in the Hall, which suggests that the committee recognizes hip-hop as a musical form that falls under the museum's jurisdiction. Fresh , the Hall has demurred. LL Cool J was on the ballot last year; this year, for some reason, he's dropped off. Yet the committee is comfortable nominating the Beastie Boys, whose influence over the development of hip-hop as we currently know it is arguable. So it's good to see Eric B. They might not get in -- although why wouldn't they?

This April Fool's Day I don't expect hip-hop to grab many headlines. Not that I feel the hip-hop equivalent of a dirty dime being rolled on my nose or similar hijinks is necessary. However, there should be some recognition of humor and its role in hip-hop's development. Conversations about the culture often focus on the pomo palimpsest art versus depraved pathology dichotomy -- two extremes that leave little room for humor, yet are ironically rife with comic material. The truth is hip-hop, like most other arts, intentionally pays humor less mind because, hey, it's not supposed to be taken seriously! But seriously.

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I got a question, as serious as cancer Who can keep the average dancer Hyper as a heart attack nobody smiling Cuz you're expressing the rhyme that I'm styling This is what we all sit down to write You can't make it so you take it home, break it and bite Use pieces and bits of all the hip-hop hits Get the style down pat then it's time to switch Put my tape on pause and add some more to yours Then you fake it you're ready for the neighborhood chores The E-M-C-E-E don't even try to be When you come up to speak, don't even lie to me You like to exaggerate, dream and imaginate Then change the rhyme around, that can aggravate me So when you see me come up, freeze Or you'll be one of those 7 MC's They think that I'm a new jack but only if they knew that They who think wrong are they who can't do that Style that I'm doing, they might ruin Patterns and paragraphs based on you and Your offbeat DJ, if anything he play Sound familiar, I'll wait til E say Play 'em, so I'ma have to diss and bro. I hold the microphone like a grudge B'll hold the record so the needle don't budge I hold a conversation cuz when I invent I nominated my DJ to president When I'm see I'll, keep a freestyle, going steadily So pucker up and whistle my melody But whatever you do, don't miss one They'll be another rough rhyme after this one Before you know it, you're following and fiending Waiting for the punchline to get the meaning Like before the middle of my story I'm telling Nobody beats the R so stop yelling Save it, put it in your pocket for later Cuz I'm moving the crowd and B'll wreck the fader No interruptions til the mic is broke When I'm gone, then you can joke Cuz everything is real on a serious tip Keep playing and I varies quick And take you for a walk through hell Freeze your dome then watch your eyeballs swell Guide you out of triple stage darkness When it get dark again then I'ma spark this Microphone cuz the heat is on, you see smoke then I finish when the beat is gone, I'm no joke. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Eric B. What does this song mean to you? What's That Line? Misheard Lyrics X.

Described as one of the album's "monumental singles", [1] Michael Di Bella wrote in the All Music Guide to Rock that "Rakim grabs the listener by the throat and illustrates his mastery of the rhyming craft". A music video was made for it, featuring dancing from Flavor Flav of the group Public Enemy. It was also featured in the video game Saints Row. Is President ", on an independent label Zakia Records. In early the duo started working on Paid in Full. In an interview with Spin magazine Rakim said that while writing the song he deliberately avoided using obscene language: [6].

Eric B. & Rakim

Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke Lyrics



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  1. The album would peak at 58 on the Billboard chart, producing five singles that are still among the most celebrated rap songs of all time: Eric B.

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