How soon can you work out after getting a tattoo

Can You Exercise After Getting a Tattoo?

how soon can you work out after getting a tattoo

3 Things You Need to Know Before Hitting the Gym After Getting a Tattoo, You will want to exercise commonsense in our post-tattoo exercise regime when it.

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A tattoo will be visible for the rest of your life. How you care for your new tattoo in the first two weeks is more important than how you care for it in the next two years. I wanted to know what the best practices are for going to the gym after a new tattoo. Anyone who goes to the gym or trains in any other sport knows how important a steady routine is. Weight lifters, runners, rock climbers, etc. Consistency is key to a good fitness routine. The idea of staying out of the gym while a tattoo heals is difficult to cope with for true gym-rats.

The moment after you get inked, you probably aren't asking yourself, " How long do I have to wait to exercise after I get a tattoo? But when I got my second tattoo — a little thing on the right side of my ribs — I was high in my werk out phase. And missing a week of my exercise routine was not really an option, so for me, I was back at it after less than a week. Here's what I learned: it wasn't such a good idea. The band of my sports bra sat right on top of my fresh ink, so there was that problem. Plus, every time I did something that stretched the skin around that area think: oblique crunches , I died. And although it depends on where you get tatted, I would recommend giving it a full week before you start to work up a sweat.

Getting a tattoo can obviously be a pretty painful process. It is, after all, an experience that includes puncturing your skin with an ink-filled needle to permanently alter its appearance. While God knows there are plenty of regrettable accounts of gettin' inked, tattoos are, IMHO, undoubtedly cool despite my own fear of getting one. Since the surface of your skin is irritated and inflamed, it's necessary to keep it safe and away from anything that might make that worse. Then pat it dry and apply a very mild lotion there are special tattoo moisturizing products made for this exact situation.

Should you wait a week or two or more to allow yourself to fully heal? Are there other considerations and longer term implications at play? Wait at least 48 hours before partaking in any strenuous activity that has you sweating profusely, especially high-octane cardio and weight lifting. Instead, try different exercises for the same body part so that there is no pressure contact between your skin and the bench, wall, or apparatus. Also take note of how your skin moves as you expand and contract your muscles. If there is significant pulling, limit the stress.

A lot of people all over the world have tattoos. A lot of people also lift weights or exercise in some way. Those two groups of people intersect with each other all of the time. In fact, when I go to the gym it seems like the large majority of people have tattoos. Especially when you leave the treadmill and cardio areas and venture into the free weights. I went through this same dilemma in the last year… twice.

As with any major life change, you need to think about how it affects your workout routine. Exercising is a central part of many lives and certainly helps relieve stress. After all, the feeling of a healthy and active body is the best in the world! Tattoos do throw a wrench in the plan. A small one, that only affects a few cogs, but a wrench nonetheless. If you only exercise to lose weight, then stick to dieting as your tattoo heals. If you exercise to keep your body in shape, then read on!

When Can You Go To The Gym After Getting A Tattoo?

Tattoo Healing Process - day by day

Working Out With A New Tattoo - Gym & Exercise Guide

Working out with a new tattoo can be done, but you must be careful with your approach. When you can safely work out with a new tattoo all depends on a variety of factors. These include:. Tattoo Age - A new tattoo is going to be much more vulnerable to getting damaged compared to a tattoo that is a few days into the healing process. While some people chose to work out on the very same day they get their new tattoo, this is generally discouraged, and you should allow your body at least a short time to recover. This ties in well with the point above about tattoo placement. Workout Intensity - The harder and more intense you work out, the more likely it is for your tattoo to become damaged.


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  1. Lisa holds a personal trainer certification through the University of Alaska Anchorage, with more than 4, hours of hands-on experience working with a variety of client needs, from sports teams to post-rehab populations and weight loss, in one-on-one, small group and large group settings.

  2. Avoid working out after a tattoo for at least 48 hours. While you may feel fine after getting your tattoo, you should avoid exercise for at least 48 hours. When the artist is finished, she will cover your tattoo with a bandage.

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