Can you be a nun if you have a child

This Mother Of 8 Became A Catholic Nun

can you be a nun if you have a child

Can a woman who has had children become a nun? 7, Views How many years do you have to be Catholic before becoming a nun?.

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Ever wonder if God might be calling you to become a Catholic nun or sister? Don't know where to begin now that you feel drawn to looking into religious life? You've landed on the right page. Here you'll learn about how to become a Catholic sister or nun. You'll get a general idea of where to start, what the general logistics are, and some helpful hints from someone who's been there and is now a Catholic sister.

Okay, this is probably a premature question to ask and my emotions aren't exactly the most "stable" at this point, but I've been pondering something lately. Can a woman with a child be a Sister? I am married at the moment, but my husband left me and our child. We are now legally separated and divorce is on the horizon. I am considering my future. First I am a mom, so it's a given I will continue to raise my child until she is an adult.

If you are in a place where there are no nuns around, you can do online nun nuns to get a feel for their ministries (e.g., Sandalstrap, Mount Providence Child.
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Sister Patricia Schofield is well-known in her convent in Honolulu because unlike many nuns , Sister Schofield is a mother to eight children and has several grandchildren and great- grandchildren. She's been a devout Catholic all her life, but for the past 20 years, she's dedicated her life to God as a nun. Before that, she spent her life raising kids and their kids full time. She changed her path after her divorce and decided to join the sisterhood. She's now a member of the Mother Marianne Cope convent.

She thought she excelled at it. But when her husband suddenly left her, Ms. Solis found solace working as a lay associate at her church, a Roman Catholic parish in Ozone Park, Queens. Her son, Bobby, noticed that the time she spent at church was the only time she seemed to be really happy. He asked her if she couldn't become involved on a deeper level.

All photos by Josefine Lippmann. At the age of 17, Ruth Lazar gave up everything she had known so far in her life—her boyfriend, hanging out with her friends, and the prospect of starting a family one day—to dedicate herself to God by becoming a nun. Sister Ruth has been living at the Abbey of St. Gertrud in Kloster-Alexanderdorf, about an hour south of Berlin, since As its head of public relations, she is the face of the monastery—she talks to local press and welcomes guests interested in the abbey's history or the work of her order. I visited Sister Ruth to find out what it takes to be a nun.

How to Become a Catholic Nun

Happy Everyday Nuns Can Have Kids


First I am a mom, so it's a given I will continue to raise my child until she is Your time will not be wasted if you continue following the Lord in.
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