What can i do for cellulitis in my legs


what can i do for cellulitis in my legs

Cellulitis - Do Treatments Work? Symptoms

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Cellulitis is a common and sometimes painful bacterial skin infection. It may first appear as a red, swollen area that feels hot and tender to the touch. The redness and swelling can spread quickly. It most often affects the skin of the lower legs, although the infection can occur anywhere on your body or face. Cellulitis is usually on the surface of your skin, but it may also affect the tissues underneath. The infection can spread to your lymph nodes and bloodstream. Get medical help right away if you have symptoms.

Cellulitis is a type of bacterial infection that can quickly become serious. It affects your skin, causing inflammation, redness, and pain. This type of infection occurs when bacteria enters your body through broken skin. This is because the lower legs tend to be most susceptible to scrapes and cuts. Several types of cuts and injuries can allow cellulitis-causing bacteria into the body, including:.

Back to Health A to Z. Cellulitis is a skin infection that's treated with antibiotics. It can be serious if it's not treated quickly. They can arrange a phone call from a nurse or doctor if you need one. Go to

Cellulitis is an infection of the deeper layers of skin and the underlying tissue. It can be serious if not treated promptly. The infection develops suddenly and can spread through the body quickly. These are signs that the infection has spread deeper into the body. Read more about the symptoms of cellulitis. See your GP or visit your nearest minor injuries unit as soon as possible if an area of your skin suddenly turns red, painful and hot. Cellulitis is usually treated with antibiotics.

Cellulitis is a common and potentially serious infection caused by bacteria. The bacteria infect the deep layers of skin and tissue beneath the skin. The first sign of cellulitis is usually red and swollen skin. When you touch the infected area, it often feels warm and tender. This infection can show up anywhere on the skin.

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What you need to know about cellulitis

Cellulitis usually affects the skin on the lower legs, but it can occur in the face, arms Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.
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