Well damn jackie i can t control the weather


well damn jackie i can t control the weather

Damn Jackie!

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I saw this and it really annoyed me, I figured you all would understand my pain i. However - the joke in the picture doesn't actually appear in that Friends episode. This is someone making a meme, not an actual quote. Can we go now? She walks over to where Chandler is bundled up in a big coat and shivering. Shivers harder Come on Monica!

Log In Sign Up. Damn Jackie Memes. I love you. It's cold here. I'm cold, too.

Kelso dreams up a "romantic" double date with Eric and Donna as he attempts to win Jackie back. Kitty wants Red to talk to Laurie, because all she does is party all night and sleep all day. And Hyde's driving around in a panic when he discovers that his passenger, Leo, is holding a bag of illegal drugs. Kelso tricks Eric, Donna and Jackie into going to an ice shack so that he can copy all the romantic things that Eric does for Donna in order to win back Jackie. On the way there Kelso starts to speed up but is stopped by a red light. Fez gets in and is very angry that Kelso tried leave him behind.

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Jackie & Kelso - 2x03


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