What colleges can i get into with a 2.5

what colleges can you get into with a sub 2.5 gpa

what colleges can i get into with a 2.5

COLLEGES I GOT ACCEPTED/DENIED TO (my gpa, test scores, etc)


Filling out the Common App soon? Our free webinar will tell you everything you need to know about filling out the Common App and what mistakes to avoid. Watch the webinar. When you apply to college, your GPA will be one of the most important factors weighed by the admissions committee. This is because they want to accept students capable of succeeding in college level courses. Accepting students with lower GPAs can be a gamble, because if the student is not able to keep up with his or her work in college, they might drop out. GPAs are the simplest and most trustworthy method for establishing your academic proficiency.

What colleges will likely accept a grade point average? A GPA of or C+ average places you in the middle of the academic range at these schools. CollegeSimply has parsed the reported high school grade point averages for a large portion of U.S. schools and selected 29 where.
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December edited May Replies to: what colleges can you get into with a sub 2. December Attend your local community college for the first year. Work hard, earn a high GPA, prove to yourself and transfer colleges that you can handle the academics, and try to transfer into a 4-year college for your sophomore year. KoreanGurl 78 replies 18 threads - Junior Member.

College GPA Requirements

When it comes to narrowing your list of colleges to apply to, there are so many things to balance., Finding colleges that accept low GPA applicants can be challenging.

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