Where can i take my g1 test near me

Best G1 Test Locations: Where to Take G1 Test in Ontario?

where can i take my g1 test near me

G1 Drivers License Written Test Experience (Ontario) + Tips

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Well, you ought to look up G1 Test Locations. Log on online to find the nearest drive test locations. Additionally, you may also be able to find travel points otherwise known as pop-up testing spots. These travel points are set up for short periods of time to aid smaller communities. Candidates can take their G1 test from a number of DriveTest centres situated around the country. This is why you should always call in advance or look up G1 Test Locations online.

G1 knowledge test is offered in all locations. The test can be done on paper in any centre, but some locations offer to take it on a computer as well. You should plan your visit for no later than one hour before the centre closes, otherwise there will not be enough time for the document check and testing procedures. The G1 test will assess your knowledge of traffic signs and road rules -- those are the two sections comprising the test. You are allowed to make 4 mistakes in each section, to still be able to pass the test. In other words, even if you make just one mistake in signs, but 5 -- in the road rules section, it will be a fail.

Three days ago I took the G1 knowledge test, which I happened to pass with a perfect score. Obtaining your G1 is definitely cool, however it means that in order for you to actually get behind the wheel of a car, you need to have a fully licensed driver ó with at least 4 years of driving experience ó with you at all times. The G2 has some restrictions, but it enables you to drive on your own. I needed to learn all the concepts for the test in just three evenings Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, as I took the test on Saturday morning. In total I spent about 12 hours preparing for the test 4 hours per night. The first thing I did was to read the official handbook, cover to cover, over the course of the first two nights. The reason for this is that there are too many arbitrary rules and numbers for you to accurately remember them all without making any mistakes, by simply reading the theory through once.

Get a G driverís licence: new drivers

If you live in Ontario, you have the option of looking around and picking the The test can be done on paper in any centre, but some locations offer to take it on a.
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