Can pink eye come back after a week

How Long Does Pink Eye Last?

can pink eye come back after a week

How to Treat Conjunctivitis


How long pink eye lasts depends on what caused it. It appears people are not contagious during the incubation period of pink eye the time of up to a few days between when they are exposed and when the symptoms begin. If your pink eye is caused by a common viral infection and no other complications occur, then your eyes should clear up within a few days to two weeks. However, with this type of pink eye, people should no longer be contagious 24 hours after antibiotic treatment begins. You may need eye drops containing decongestants or antihistamines to reduce irritation and swelling, sometimes for as long as one or two weeks.

Pinkeye, also called conjunctivitis, is a common childhood illness. Pinkeye usually makes the whites of your eyes turn red or pink, and can cause them to tear or become itchy. Pus can make your eyelids sticky, especially when you sleep. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Pink eye also called conjunctivitis is redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface.

There are times when it is important to seek medical care for conjunctivitis pink eye. However, this is not always necessary. To help relieve some of the inflammation and dryness caused by conjunctivitis, you can use cold compresses and artificial tears, which you can purchase over the counter without a prescription. If you did not need to see a doctor, do not wear your contacts until you no longer have symptoms of pink eye. Most cases of viral conjunctivitis are mild.

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If I get conjunctivitis once can it come back?

How long pink eye lasts depends on which type you have and how you treat it. Most of the time, pink eye clears up within a few days to two weeks. Pink eye is usually contagious for as long as you have symptoms like redness, tearing, and crusting.


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  1. People can get viral pink eye from an infection that spreads from the nose to the eyes. Viral pink eye can last a few days to about 2 weeks, depending on People should not return to work or school until their symptoms clear completely. eye becomes sore, inflamed, and sometimes painful after coming.

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