What jobs can i get with an anthropology degree

15 Careers For People With An Anthropology Degree

what jobs can i get with an anthropology degree

Anthropology Careers

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Each Careers by Major page provides lots of ideas on various career areas, as well as how to gain related skills and experience. Useful resources and job samples are also provided. Sample Areas of Employment 2. Program-Related Skills 3. Off-Campus 5. Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

Here is the standard speech I give students: There is no strong connection between your college major and occupation at least for anthropology and most other majors. The purpose of an undergraduate degree is to give you general skills which will enable you to be a citizen of your country and the world. These same generalized capacities you need for citizenship are what you need for the job market. There is no point learning how to mechanically follow orders, since that just means you can be replaced by a robot. You will be paid best if you can build or maintain the lives of the privileged. You will be paid poorly if you work for the poor or disadvantaged. College is not about choosing a major off a menu so that you can chose a job off a menu.

A degree in anthropology covers the cultural and biological diversity of humans. The broad discipline you'll gain from studying both science and the humanities could lead to a variety of careers. Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Gaining work experience is vital when starting out in most careers and shows commitment to a future employer. Take a proactive approach and find opportunities in which you can build up a desirable range of skills such as communication, planning, and project management. Look for opportunities that are relevant to the area in which you wish to work.

You will find information below on the kinds of skills you develop with an anthropology major, as well as a list of ten jobs that are ideal for an anthropology major.
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An anthropology major will provide you with diverse skills that you can apply to many different types of jobs, in institutions ranging from public health to law to education. Anthropology majors have an intense curiosity about the diversity of cultures throughout human history. Anthropology majors gather information through observation of groups within foreign cultures or domestic subcultures. They develop the tools to analyze group dynamics. Many factors, such as your personal values, abilities, interests, and graduate training, will impact your career choices if you major in anthropology.

Many people who study anthropology as undergraduates go on to pursue a PhD in anthropology or a related field, and work as professors teaching in a University and conducting their own research. Most positions you may qualify for won't necessarily list "anthropologist" in the job title- unlike, say, someone pursuing a nursing or engineering degree. But graduates with an anthropology degree are well-suited for a career in any number of fields, including: education, health care, museum curation, social work, international development, government, organizational psychology, non-profit management, marketing, publishing, and forensics. Some careers require a graduate degree, and the critical reading, writing and thinking skills emphasized in your anthropology classes are great preparation for graduate programs in law, public policy, medicine, counseling, education, liberal arts and beyond. Practicing and applied anthropologists might pursue either an MA or a PhD, and often take on roles outside of academia, in public health, ecology, and cultural resource management.

Discovering the bow of a ship underneath the World Trade Center, helping corporations understand how people's identities show up in technology or a think tank looking at social relationships in the workplace, working with gangs in East LA, a death investigator helping police solve crimes it seems anthropology is everywhere these days. These videos are just two pieces of a five part video series to showcase who we are, what we do, and how we add value to society. The full series including segments on archaeology, forensic anthropology, and socio linguistics can be accessed in the AAA store. Videos are free for AAA members and available at a modest charge for nonmembers. Today's anthropologists do not just work in exotic locations.

Career Paths for Anthropology Majors

What Could I Do With an Anthropology Degree?

A sk people to picture an anthropologist and many will come up with someone like Bruce Parry who, in the BBC2 series Tribe, sampled life among indigenous peoples all over the world to study their cultures. While this in-at-the-deep-end approach to anthropology still exists, most graduates go on to careers that differ greatly from this stereotype it is perhaps no surprise to discover Parry isn't actually a trained anthropologist., Students with an undergraduate degree in anthropology commonly follow any of four main career paths: positions in government, academia, business or community service organizations. Of course, many graduates of anthropology programs choose to become an archaeologist, paleontologist, ethnologist or primatologist.




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