Can you buy a car from a rental company

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can you buy a car from a rental company

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Buying a rental car may sound risky. Former rental cars tend to be well-maintained, easy to buy and priced below-market. They inspect their vehicles before sale, may even offer warranties and allow you to trade in your current vehicle. Still, there are some special considerations when buying a used rental car. Rental companies buy new vehicles to build their fleet. In fact, some people buy rental cars from used-car dealerships without realizing it. The biggest rental car companies in the U.

So compelling, in fact, that for every new vehicle sold in the United States, three used-car transactions take place. While most of those used-car sales take place between private parties, many shoppers—especially those looking for newer vehicles—turn to commercial operations to find their pre-owned cars and trucks. New-car dealerships often sell as many used vehicles as they do new, and used-car chains such as CarMax and AutoNation have become popular pre-owned-vehicle shopping options. Another option used-car shoppers have is to purchase a used rental vehicle directly from the rental company. A number of larger rental chains now market their used inventory directly to consumers through company stores. Among these companies are Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, and Thrifty.

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Mar 31, Many rental companies have car sales divisions including Enterprise, prices to see if buying a used rental car will save you money or not.
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If you want to buy a used car , you generally have two choices: either buy from an individual, or subject yourself to the pressure tactics of a used car dealership. But there is a third way to buy a used car that few people know much about. You can buy a used car from a car rental company, with all of the benefits of buying through a car dealer, but at a lower price and far less of the hassle. Probably the main reason this is true is because car rental companies are not car dealers. That lack of dealership overhead is why they can sell their cars for less money.

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Does it Make Sense to Buy a Rental Car?

How to Buy a Car From a Rental Company

Buying a car from a rental company can have many advantages. The cars are typically less than 2 years old, cosmetically appealing, well-maintained and come with complete records of all work done. While some people worry about the abuse rental cars may have suffered, it is not usually as bad as you might think, and cars purchased from rental agencies normally come with low mileage and reasonable warranties when compared with other used cars. Locate rental car outlets in your area. Most car rental agencies, especially the larger ones, have sales outlets scattered throughout their territories, and you can often go to one of these locations to look at cars. In some cases you may be able to view the cars online and then make arrangements to see in person any that appeal to you.



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  1. Oct 4, Buying one from a major rental company is a lot like buying from a “You could have a very high-mileage car and it's been maintained very.

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