Can i use google home as a bluetooth speaker

How to Use Google Home as a Bluetooth Speaker for Streaming Music from your Phone or Tablet

can i use google home as a bluetooth speaker

You can play music that's stored on your mobile device (phone or tablet) or computer on Google Home using Bluetooth. This includes iTunes Music, Audible, .

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One of the chief complaints of the Google Home Mini is its poor audio. While the Google Home and especially the Google Home Max offer superior audio capabilities, the Mini was designed to be a cheap entryway into the smart home world, not as a high-end way to listen to tunes. But Google announced a new workaround today that can help your high-end audio experience dreams come true. Starting now, you can pair any number of compatible Bluetooth speakers with your Google Home devices, enabling you to have a multi-room audio experience. You can pair a Bluetooth speaker located in the living room with the Mini, and have audio play from both at the same time. Depending on the size of your home and the number of smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers you already own, you could have the same song play throughout all areas of your house. To get started with your multi-room audio set up, make sure your Bluetooth speaker is powered on and in pairing mode.

Google has heard your complaints. Starting today, you can hook up a Bluetooth speaker to your Google Home without needing to purchase a separate Chromecast dongle. For guidance on choosing a Bluetooth speaker, see our review roundup and top picks. Once the link is established, you can then go back a screen to make sure it is set as a default for whenever music is played. You can also set up multi-room audio with a pair of Bluetooth speakers, just like you can do with two or more Google Homes.

On top of all its smart features, Home speakers can also do a lot with Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth to stream audio from your Google Home.
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Google Home allows you to manage your daily schedule, stream videos to a compatible television and control other smart devices from within your homeóbut did you know that it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker? Previously, it was possible to stream audio through a compatible app to your Google Home, but after a recent update, Bluetooth capabilities were brought to the speaker, opening up a wide array of options for you to take advantage of;. There you have it! A quick and easy way to setup your Google Home to function as a Bluetooth speaker. I haven't got one of these devices yet, but I have been looking more into it so I can use Plex with it. Since they sell both bits of hardware and Plex rocks. Nothing has been announced as yet in relation to the Google Home Max being available through us sorry.

You can easily pair Google Home with your smartphones, tablets, or other devices through Bluetooth and then use Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker. The audio will then be routed to Google Home. Google Home and Google Home Max offer decent audio quality, compared to speakers with similar sizes. Therefore, many Google Home users may want to use Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker when playing music on the phone. After pairing Google Home to your phone, you may not need to buy a Bluetooth speaker. Then, you can pair it with other devices.

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In its battle with Amazon Alexa for smart home supremacy, Google has let other companies add its voice-powered Google Assistant into their own smart speakers., At this point in time it seems like modern-day designers have exceeded the bounds of what most of us could have ever imagined in the first place.

Google Home As A Bluetooth Speaker in 2019


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  1. A recent Google Home update turned it into a Bluetooth speaker. The speaker will then become discoverable to all nearby Bluetooth devices.

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