Can you get chlamydia from a toilet seat

Can you really get chlamydia from a toilet seat? Debunking STI myths

can you get chlamydia from a toilet seat

However, if a pregnant woman has chlamydia, she can pass the infection on to her You can't catch chlamydia from kissing or sharing things such as toilets or.

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As a slight germophobe , toilets are not my favorite. This is especially true of the ones in public places, which are sometimes such blatant displays of depravity that I think humans don't deserve anything good in the world, period. But all that fecal disgustingness aside, are there actual health risks from putting your bits where other bits have gone before? Is it true that you can catch a sexually transmitted infection from a toilet seat, or is that one of those completely false gynecological urban legends? Readers, you can rest easy.

Remember way back to sex ed when your teacher would pull anonymous questions out of a box? And like your sex ed teacher said back in the day: there are no stupid questions when it comes to your sexual health. Read on to find out some common misconceptions about sexually transmitted infections STIs , and the real facts that you may not know. Even if you feel perfectly A-OK down there, scheduling regular STI tests with your GP should become just another slightly unpleasant adult thing you need to do, like paying your phone bill. Or any STI for that matter. Even if you use the toilet straight after someone with an STI, germs would have to be transferred from the toilet seat to your genital tract, or through a cut or sore. MORE: Worried about an itch, lump or unusual discharge?

Skip to: Main Navigation Main Content. There's nothing worse than desperately needing to go to the toilet when the only options are a service station or public park. No you can't, according to sexual health expert Professor Basil Donovan, because even if the bacteria and viruses that can cause an STI got onto the seat, they can't survive for long after leaving the human body. As their name suggests STIs are most commonly spread through sexual activity, including intercourse, oral sex and, in the case of some diseases such as genital warts, direct skin-to-skin contact. But if, for argument's sake, enough disease-causing organisms had survived on a loo seat to make you sick, could you actually pick up an infection? Again, Donovan says it's highly unlikely as none of our body parts that are vulnerable to sexual infections actually touch the toilet seat.

The Unfiltered Truth About Catching STIs From A Toilet Seat

Can You Get the Flu, a Cold or an STD from a Toilet Seat?

Is chlamydia only caught through sexual contact?

You can catch it during oral, anal and vaginal intercourse. Back to top. Press for menu. Testosterone Test Kit. Vagifem Estriol Cream Ovestin Cream. Chlamydia Treatment.

Back to Sexual health. It's unclear whether chlamydia can be spread through touch to another person's genitals if there's infected semen or vaginal fluid on your fingers, or by rubbing female genitals together. You can't catch chlamydia from kissing or sharing things such as toilets or towels with someone who has the infection. Go to your GP, a sexual health clinic or a genitourinary medicine GUM clinic for a free, confidential test. Chlamydia often has no symptoms, so you may not know you have it.

Real Question: Can You Get an STD from Kissing?

All the toilet hoverers out there will be happy to know that you can now sit in peace - you're not going to get chlamydia from a toilet seat. Or any.
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