Can you get a prescription without going to the doctor

You Can Buy Prescription Drugs Without Seeing a Doctor

can you get a prescription without going to the doctor

How To Get a Prescription Without Seeing a Doctor


Ordering prescription drugs online and getting them delivered by mail may be legal if certain requirements are met. These requirements range from ones you must fulfill to those that must be met by the business you're ordering from. No doubt you've seen ads and have received emails that claim no prescription is needed to buy a name-brand drug. Ordering from such a pharmacy is a big mistake. To purchase a prescription drug, the most important requirement is that you have a real prescription to give to the pharmacy.

You cannot get prescription medicines without a prescription. A legal medicines supplier will never give you prescription medicines if you do not have a prescription from a doctor. Doctors, including online doctors, may only prescribe you medicines if they meet certain conditions. For example, they must have access to your medical records, which must be up to date. The doctor needs to meet all these conditions to make a correct diagnosis of your medical problem.

Please note, with some medication requests you may be directed to a video consultation with one of our doctors. Until now, to get a repeat prescription for pharmacy medication, a face-to-face appointment with your doctor was required. Our simple, affordable service, allows you to request a repeat prescription in minutes, using our online assessment tool. One of our registered Australian doctors will review your assessment and in most instances, we can have your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice within 1 hour. We can send your approved prescription directly to your local pharmacy for immediate collection of your medication; or,.

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Patients want more convenience, and part of that is getting their prescriptions filled without going to your office.
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Get a professional opinion at the touch of a button with Instant Consult! Connect with a fully qualified, Australian registered doctor and get an online prescription with Instant Consult! When you get sick you often need a combination of rest and medication in order to recover as quickly as possible. While over-the-counter products can help alleviate symptoms, stronger drugs like antibiotics that actually fight the illness need to be specially prescribed by a registered doctor. Instead of going through that annoying process, Instant Consult has developed a system whereby you can easily connect with a fully qualified and Australian registered doctor and get an online prescription promptly!

Patients may choose any pharmacy they wish to patronize. Pharmacists are available to answer questions and to provide counseling on the proper use of any medication. They are actively involved with PAMF physicians in maintaining an appropriate inventory of the best medications, including quality generics that can lower prescription costs. The pharmacy has contracts with most of the insurance plans honored by PAMF. Whether you take a prescription medicine once a year or every day, you want to be sure to have it when you need it. We're making the connection between your physician and pharmacy smoother. Here's your part:.

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