Catch us if you can

Catch us if you Can

catch us if you can

"Catch Us If You Can" is a song from The Dave Clark Five (DC5), written by group's drummer Dave Clark and guitarist Lenny Davidson. The song was one.

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A stuntman and his model girlfriend flee London and its media circus, and escape to the country, but are manipulated throughout by an advertising agency boss. John Boorman 's first feature touches on mids themes: the commodification of youth culture, the manipulative role of the 'media industry', the all-pervasiveness of images and advertising, and the resulting sense of alienation. Early scenes of youthful energy the Dave Clark Five running around parks, playing on the rides suggest a retread of A Hard Day's Night d. Richard Lester, , but here the songs are non-diegetic. Uneasy with modelling, Dinah defaces her own poster image. Peter Yates, This journey is more inward, as much spiritual as physical, and its darker, melancholic vision is closer to another West Country road movie, Radio On d.

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Catch Us If You Can () was the feature-film debut of director John Boorman. It was designed as a vehicle for pop band The Dave Clark Five, whose.
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After a visit to Oasis Swimming Pools , an open-air swimming-pool in central London, and a memorable scene in and around the Great Conservatory in the grounds of Syon House , they make their way across a wintry southern England towards Burgh Island , off the coast of Devon , which Dinah is contemplating buying, presumably to escape the pressures of her celebrity as the "Butcher Girl" on the back of the TV meat advertising campaign. This act of rebellion is cynically exploited by the advertising executive behind the campaign, Leon Zissell David de Keyser , who deputes two of his henchmen to pursue the fleeing couple. On their journey, Steve and Dinah encounter first a group of proto-hippies, squatting in MOD-owned buildings on Salisbury Plain some of this sequence was shot in the evacuated village of Imber and then an unhappily married middle-aged couple Yootha Joyce and Robin Bailey in the opulent surroundings of the Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset. Steve also plans to visit his boyhood hero, Louie David Lodge , whose youth club in London's East End he attended, and who has since relocated to Devon. Having fled the police, and Leon Zissell's henchmen, after a fancy-dress party in the Roman Baths at Bath, Steve and Dinah with the rest of Steve's gang - and the police - in hot pursuit make their way towards Devon. Steve's encounter with Louie is disappointing.

Starting with guitar and finger snapping accompaniment, the hook was instantaneous:. The title phrase was seemingly a take-off on the crime film Catch Me If You Can and similar phrases, with "me" turned to the group's "us". This has been happening on and off since the season and "Catch" is thus seen by home fans as Shrewsbury's de facto theme tune. Such was its significance to Shrewsbury Town that a local band, Hello Cleveland, and Shrewsbury fans released a cover version of the song, with a percentage of the proceeds going to children's charity Hope House. In the U. The off-screen voice-over, as for all Walkers crisps commercials then, was Hugh Laurie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Having a Wild Weekend A social satire about the last heir of a dethroned family of European monarchs whose plans to return to power through revolution become secondary after he becomes fascinated by the life of a poor London black girl and her boyfriend. There, they must cease their hostility and cooperate if they want to survive, but will they? A journalist and a poetess meet during the hearings of South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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Catch Us If You Can (Having a Wild Weekend)



???English Vocal/Eurobeat? Catch Us ?A-ONE??English Subtitle?

Catch Us If You Can



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