Can you buy liquor on sunday in texas 2017

A Bill Is Ginning Up Support For Sunday Liquor Sales In Texas

can you buy liquor on sunday in texas 2017

Texas has “blue laws” that keep you from buying alcohol on Sunday until a certain time. Find out when you can buy alcohol on Sunday in Texas.

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These laws have actually been on the books since before Texas—or even the United States—was founded. In Texas, most of the Blue Laws were abolished in But the liquor and car sales prohibitions remained. However, the ban on Sunday booze may be changing soon. View the discussion thread. A bill allowing grocery stores, convenience stores, big-box stores and other retailers holding cereal malt beverage to sell beer with 6.

If you're in the mood to go out and grab a cold one in Texas, you'd better check your watch — and your calendar — before you head out the door, or else you might be in for a bitter disappointment. The sale of alcohol is tightly regulated in the Lone Star State, and if you get to the store too late, you're out of luck. Here's what you need to know about where and when to get a cold brew in Texas. Whether you plan to get beer at an on-premise location such as a bar or restaurant, or at an off-premise location like a grocery or convenience store, the general statewide laws for alcohol sales on weekdays are the same. Beer is available Monday through Friday from 7 a. Many bars, however, are able to obtain an additional late hours permit. This allows them to continue selling alcohol until 2 a.

Alabama — We get to start off with one of the best ones. Beer and wine are not controled by the state, but spirits are. On and off-premise liquor sales are limited to 2 A. M on Sundays. Beer and wine can be sold in supermarkets but spirits can not.

Texas politicians love to portray the Lone Star State as a mecca for free-market capitalism and low regulation. From banning Sunday sales of bottled liquor to prohibiting craft brewers from selling beer to-go out of their taprooms, Texas has some of the most heavy handed alcohol regulation in the country — largely thanks to special interests groups that like the laws just the way they are. This session, the Texas Legislature is biting into a once-in-a-dozen years opportunity to overhaul alcohol laws through the Sunset process. Every session, 20 to 30 state agencies are reviewed by the Sunset Advisory Commission, a state agency in charge of evaluating the effectiveness and worth of other state agencies. The stakes are high — the full Legislature must pass a Sunset bill of reforms in order for an agency to continue operations. Legislators and stakeholders have emphasized that the TABC Sunset process will focus on effectiveness and efficiency. In a process where virtually any reform could be contemplated, here are seven unusual Texas alcohol laws.

Why Can’t You Buy Booze And Cars On Sunday in Texas?




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