Why can i see my veins on my chest

Should I worry about a telangiectasia?

why can i see my veins on my chest

Mar 10, Visible blue veins that develop on the chest or breasts can be appear on your chest or breasts, it is best to wait a few days to see if they start.


It's not unusual to have prominent veins on your breasts , but still, some women feel self conscious about them. Veins are a vital part of our bodily system, transporting blood to the heart. Usually, they are buried below the skin, however in some parts of the body they are more visible - in arms and legs typically, and in some cases, boobs. We spoke to vein expert and founder of Whiteley Clinics , Professor Mark Whiteley, to get the low down on what can cause the veins in your breasts to become so prominent:. This is usually seen in slim women having implants, as they have little body fat to hide the veins, and the implants push the veins forwards towards the skin. This is because their skin naturally becomes thinner and more transparent with age, and the fat on the breast decreases with decreasing hormone levels.

Dark, visible veins are often thought to appear on the legs, arms, and face, but they can also occur on the chest or breast area. Visible blue veins that develop on the chest or breasts can be caused by a number of different things. Sometimes only one thing may cause the veins to become visible while other times it may be caused by a combination of things. Most of the time visible veins on the chest or breast are harmless. They may cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance, but they often not associated with any serious health problem. In some rare cases, visible veins on the breasts and chest can be caused by some serious health problems. Problems such as cirrhosis of the liver, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, and enlarged abdomen can all cause a person to be more susceptible to visible blue veins on the chest.

People with low body fat will also show more veins. Conversely, weight gain also contributes to spider veins , those smaller, lighter veins that often appear in clusters, and varicose veins. Excess weight puts additional pressure on the legs, and veins expand to try to compensate to keep blood flowing normally. A sudden appearance of spider veins can be caused by:. Intense sun exposure, especially sunburn, will cause veins to appear and sometimes pop up over the skin.

Have you recently noticed the development of blue veins on your chest or breasts? If so, you have probably found yourself struggling with a variety of emotions: fear, self-consciousness, concern, frustration. While all of these are natural and normal when noticing unexplained bodily changes, it is important to consider what may be causing the veiny breasts and whether or not there may be an underlying condition. In most cases, blue veins are merely a cosmetic issue that requires no medical treatment. In fact, many will often fade entirely on their own.

Why are my veins so prominent?

Veins Showing Through Skin Suddenly – Should You Worry?

Veins run throughout your body and enable blood to be carried to your heart. Sometimes veins are more visible through the skin than at other times, especially in the breasts. There are certain conditions in which your breasts can develop visible veins, many of which are benign and easily treated. During pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, your breasts may become veiny. A more accurate description might be that the veins already in your breasts merely become more visible.

Spider veins on the chest are most likely related to damage caused by too much sun exposure and are relatively simple to treat with sclerotherapy for larger veins. Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which the physician injects a sclerosant into the dilated veins with a needle so tiny most people will not feel it , but may feel a mild burning sensation. The sclerosant will cause the vein to close and the vein will not be as apparent. Smaller veins visible on the chest are best treated with laser, IPL or radiofrequency equipment which are quicker methods that provide almost instantaneous results. Varicose veins on the chest and trunk appear both on men and women, but are often caused by pregnancy in women and are relatively benign.

For the past few years my veins have been showing through the skin all over my body. You can clearly see blue lines all over my chest, legs and arms. Before, the only places I could see these veins were on the back of my hands and on the underside of my forearms. Could you please explain why the veins on my body are a great deal more prominent than other peoples and more prominent than they used to be? Veins tend to become more prominent as we get older. In children there is usually a thick layer of tissue mainly fat under the skin and it's often difficult to see any veins at all.




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