What to do with old books you can t sell

Where to Donate Used Books – 10 Places to Start

what to do with old books you can t sell

How to sell old books and get rich.

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If you are a book lover like me or a student, the chances are that you have large stockpiles of books lying around your house which you no longer find useful and want to get rid of. You might want to give them away for a good cause, sell them for some quick cash or just plan on making some space in your shelves; no matter why you want to do it, there are many ways to get rid of your old books. You might have previously helped those in need by donating money to a cause or donating things like food or clothes, but what you might have missed is that you can donate your old books as well. There are a lot of charitable institutions that accept donations in the form of books, and these books are not just given to the ones in need but are also sold to raise more money to help others. So in case, you cannot afford to donate money, donating old books is a good idea.

Our hope is to share these methods so that even after this week we all keep doing our part to help the environment. We are here to deliver a mix of targeted content, eco-conscious products and environmental actions so that you can live a happier, healthier, sustainable lifestyle; one that protects this wonderful planet we all call home. Still, you can find recyclers in your area or programs that will recycle or reuse your old books. If you think your books are in decent condition you should consider reselling your book or donating it to a charitable organization. There are many charities that will take your used books, especially textbooks, and give them to those who cannot afford them. Before placing a hardcover book in your recycling bin check with your city to make sure they accept them. Some municipalities request that spines of hardcover books be removed prior to being deposited for recycling due to their stiff composition and the glue that holds them together.

Here are a few ideas:. Well, it is getting colder here in Chicago, and if you have a fireplace… just joking. But what about giving books away as Christmas presents to friends and family? It seems easy enough to do. Now, only if I could figure out how to transform my old inkjet printer into an e-reader.

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Where To Donate Books You No Longer Need


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