How can i share a video from facebook to whatsapp

Download and Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

how can i share a video from facebook to whatsapp

Do you want to download videos from Facebook and want to share it on WhatsApp or other social media? Well, it's very easy with FCBK video.


Instagram and Facebook are the most popular platforms that have plenty of interesting content shared on them every single day. And if you use other apps like WhatsApp then why not give it more eyeballs by sharing it there. In this tutorial, we have mentioned how you can share Instagram and Facebook photos, videos or stories on other platforms. You can always share your own posts or of others who have a Public profile. Because of the fact that Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook, there has been a lot of integration done between the three apps. To bring the apps even closer, the Instagram app supports sharing on WhatsApp. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the photo or video and select Share on WhatsApp.

Here's how you can share Facebook video to WhatsApp for Android users. Check it out!.
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Facebook and WhatsApp are the two biggest social media platforms used by the maximum number of users. We know that Facebook has a state of the art sharing and posting feature. Once upon a time Facebook allowed users to post only text, photos and videos, but now the elements that can be shared have increased significantly. Users can now post Stories, poll, activities, notes and so on. The extent of shareable contents is enormous.

Facebook has been betting big on videos trying to challenge the monopoly of YouTube as a video sharing platform. If you either want to download Facebook videos on your device or share Facebook videos on WhatsApp, follow our tutorial. Almost 85 percent of the videos shared on Facebook are native videos compared to the 10 percent YouTube videos being shared on Facebook. However, sharing Facebook videos to other platforms, even those owned by Facebook is a difficult task compared to the ease of sharing YouTube videos. The only sharing options provided by Facebook are confined within the walls of the social network. Lately, users have been wanting to know if there is a way to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there is not a solution as simple as a share to WhatsApp option by Facebook itself.

Even Facebook and Whatsapp are now owned by one organization, but these two popular platforms are not connected. In this article, we will gonna discuss how to share Facebook Video to Whatsapp on your Android Device. Step 2. Go to the contact with whom you want to share the video and click on the attachment icon. Step 3.

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How to Share Facebook Video on WhatsApp on Android

However, in spite of these expansions, one thing has remained unchanged the option to share these Facebook videos to WhatsApp still remains a nearly impossible task. At least from within the app. And that seems to be the only workaround, at least for now. It has a few shortcomings though. Setting the FB Video Download is simple, all you need to do is sign in to Facebook, just like on a web browser. Having done that, tap on the download icon on the upper left corner and give the necessary Android permissions.


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How to Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp on Android






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