Where can i drop off a usps package

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where can i drop off a usps package

Watch me package orders ?? + Drop them off - USPS

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And do you find this is a good idea? There are also package bins at the P. If your packages fit into the mailbox, why not? I personally never put any of my packages into those mail boxes. We put them in the bin, unless we have a lot, they are in a tub, and the mail people appreciate us not filling up the bin. Our PO has a buzzer on the door near the bins. Our postmaster even found a package on Christmas Eve that we put in the phone number in the address line, in a dead letter bin by another postmaster, who drove it to the AZ customers home.

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You may have seen warning notices posted on mailboxes that discuss the ounce rule. Normally, if your mailpiece weighs over 13 ounces, you would not be able to drop it off in a mailbox, lobby mail slot, or blue collection box due to security policies. However, the good news is that this rule does not apply to PC Postage users like Stamps. The security policies are met when you use Stamps. Being a Stamps. With Stamps. We recommend scheduling a pickup request in order to alert the Post Office and so the carrier can make appropriate preparations.

Provide your customers with a convenient return method for low-weight residential packages. In addition, FedEx SmartPost Returns provides visibility to your customer service and operations departments, as well as to the return shipper, throughout the return process. Returns can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming. That's why, when developing FedEx SmartPost Returns, we took customers' major concerns into account and included solutions to meet those concerns. Managing the return process in a timely, customer-oriented fashion can increase customer retention, minimize the impact of returns on profits, and maximize and extend the value of goods sold. By offering convenience, accessibility and visibility at a reasonable cost, FedEx SmartPost Returns addresses many challenges of the return process for you, too. The FedEx SmartPost Returns process is completely integrated, which means you benefit from a streamlined process; less handling of your packages; and fast, reliable deliveries.



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  1. I believe each UPS and FedEx store, since they are independently owned, set their own rules about this.

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