How many blocks can build 2 bedroom flat

How Many Blocks Can Build 2/3/4 Bedroom Flat in Nigeria [ONLY INFO NEEDED]

how many blocks can build 2 bedroom flat

Building A Block Wall

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So therefore this topic is written with illustrations to make it easy for you. The quality to estimate is 6 inches block without holes to complete the project. Estimation of number blocks The simplest approach is to estimate the number of blocks required in a metre square of wall. At this stage, the total length of the walls of the building and in particular the height of the walls are considered. There are no openings, and also the entire foundation excavation length is considered. For the building we are considering, the foundation layout is as shown below;. Using any method of your choice, you can calculate the total length of the walls at the foundation level.

This is so wonderful, but can't the granite be substituted for chippings. This is great. Thank You Very much for this comment sir I really do appreciate it a lot. Sir I need estimate for 4 bedroom story building up and down sir. It is hard to make an estimate without having the building plan you know.

To help the situation, this article was written to give the public an idea of how many blocks can build a 2-bedroom flat. In Nigeria, the most common types of flats.
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House dimensions will be: 2 standard rooms 1 parlour I kitchen 2 toilets 1 with bathroom inside Cost of land should not be included as this varies with location. They are the builders on nairaland. Go thru the Properties section u will see some of their works wit pics and detailed discussion wordychap: Who are these? We are human being like you. We are here to help provide solution for your construction needs. We are builders of repute and building beautiful homes is our passion. A good analysis by Eghosajohnny, just slightly over 2M, assuming diggers do not charge very much for setting out and excavation.

Look no further, this post is for you. I will try as much as possible to demystify the cost of building a house in Nigeria. However, to help us in arriving at a good enough estimate, I sampled three cases of 3-bedroom houses built in 3 locations: Nasarawa, Lagos and Kwara. The building process will be broken into stages and the amount spent will be included. A list of price of building materials will also be added. This is to help in cost estimates particularly since tastes are different.

The cement I gave excludes the one for making blocks as I assumed you will buy the blocks. The cement is for chalking the blocks, laying blinding, flooring, plastering, lintels etc. Hi, Invisible. Kindly send me ur email address. Want to discuss privately with you.

Cost of building 2 bedroom flat in Nigeria

The cost of renting houses have increased greatly over the last decade., In order to calculate the number of blocks required , there is need to to have a plan at hand. The plan is what is required to work out the number of blocks for any building construction since all building dimensions are never the same.


After reading this post, you will know the number of blocks needed for the building, the To build 2 Bedroom flat in Nigeria, you will need the following items.
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