Can you see the moon during the day

Why Do We Sometimes See The Moon During The Day?

can you see the moon during the day

Why do we see the moon in the daytime?

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Any clear morning this week around 10 a. Many people are surprised to see the moon in full daylight, yet it is a completely normal occurrence. A very common misconception in astronomy is that the moon is directly opposite the sun in the sky. In fact, the moon is only in this position for a single instant in the whole lunar month: the exact time of full moon , when it is degrees away from the sun. The rest of the month it can be anywhere from 0 to degrees away and, at least in theory, visible in the daytime sky.

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We all know the basics of the Diurnal Cycle day and night, sunrise and sunset. And we are all aware that during the day, the Sun is the most luminous object in the sky, to the point that it completely obscures the stars. And at night, the Moon when it is visible is the most luminous object, sometimes to the point that it can make gazing at the Milky Way and Deep-Sky Objects more difficult.
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On earth, we know that we have two bright objects in the sky: the sun and the moon. When the earth faces the sun during its rotation, the energy from the sun gives us light and heat. When the earth faces away from the sun it becomes dark and we see the moon in the sky. Every night we look up and see the familiar face of the man-in-the-moon as the brightest object. So what causes us to be able to see the moon during the day? This is what gives the moon the brilliant white glow.

Why Do We See the Moon in Daylight?

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Why can we see the moon during the day?




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