Where can i use my movies everywhere gift card

The Movie Lover’s Favorite Gift!

where can i use my movies everywhere gift card

Use your Movies Everywhere™ Visa® Gift Card for tickets, food and rentals, everywhere Visa debit is accepted in the US, even online. Movie tickets. Popcorn &.

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The streaming service links together your movies from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu and more, but how does it all work? We've got you covered. There's a streaming movie service called Movies Anywhere , and if you're used to having to navigate multiple apps to get to the content you own, it's almost too good to be true. It not only puts most of your purchased online movies in one place, it puts them everyplace. And now that its predecessor UltraViolet is shutting down , it's more important than ever. Think of Movies Anywhere like a digital bridge between online video vendors.

Movies Anywhere is a service that lets you sync your movie purchases across participating digital retailers, including Microsoft. By connecting your Microsoft account to Movies Anywhere , all your eligible movies purchased from other Movies Anywhere digital retailers that are connected to your Movies Anywhere account become available to watch on Microsoft, subject to availability with Microsoft. Movies Anywhere makes the movie watching experience easier and better by offering one home for your favorite purchased movies from participating digital retailers. When you connect your Movies Anywhere account with your Microsoft and other digital retailer accounts, all your eligible movie purchases will be accessible as one central library to watch anywhere, anytime. Once you are inside your Movies Anywhere account, click on your name on the top right corner to access your account settings and select "Manage Retailers". You will be asked for permission to allow Microsoft to share your account information with Movies Anywhere, which includes your email address, eligible video purchases and use of purchased Movies Anywhere supported content "Video Data". Movies Anywhere will use and share your Video Data with other digital distributors that you've connected to and other Movies Anywhere participating studios and service providers.

The Card is a prepaid Card loaded with a specific amount of funds, redeemable to purchase movies online, movie tickets and concessions at any theater or online in the US where Visa debit cards are accepted. No additional funds may be added to this Card. The Card is not a checking account or connected in any way to any account other than a stored value account where your funds are held. You will not receive any interest on the funds in your Card account. You may register your Card by visiting the Website at www.

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