Can dogs drink orange juice

Can Dogs Have Orange Juice?

can dogs drink orange juice

Maybe. But we don't recommend it. While oranges are a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients, oranges are not an essential part of the canine diet.

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A lot of people think that water is too plain, and that their dogs must get bored drinking it all the time, especially when there are other healthy beverages that taste a lot better. You may wonder, can dogs drink orange juice and, if so, is orange juice bad for dogs? Even though oranges are loaded with nutrients that dogs do need, pups tend to get everything they need in their regular diets, and do not need to have anything else added. Since orange juice is not toxic to dogs, it is safe to give them a drink on occasion. It is safe to give a little bit of orange juice to your dogs several times a week, but keep it to just a few sips.

Summer is a time when many pet owners like to give their dogs orange juice. But, is it a safe choice?
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Is orange juice bad for dogs. Many dog owners always have it that water is too plain and that their pets must get exhausted drinking water every time, particularly when there are other sound refreshments that taste good than water. You may be confused , can dogs drink orange juice and, provided that this is true, is orange juice harmful to dogs? Propylene glycol has been considered an ingredient that one should be careful of ingesting. As this ingredient has been linked to anti-freeze. As a dog eat and consume various juices to include orange juice you want to ensure that this ingredient is not part of the dogs diet.

But just because a drink or a food has health benefits for humans, does it mean it has the same health benefits for dogs as well? In some cases this is true, but in the case of orange juice, your dog doesn't need extra levels of vitamin C and the juice is much too high in sugars and fructose. Even though orange juice should not be given to a dog, other than a lick from a finger once or twice, your dog is probably going to like the flavor of the juice. Orange juice is fruity, slightly tangy, and sweet and these are all flavors most dogs really love and enjoy. If you give your dog a lick of orange juice, you can tell right away if they like it or if they are not crazy about the flavor.

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Can a Dog Taste Orange Juice?

Last Updated on July 6, Orange juice obviously has lots of nutrients, but you want to know if dogs can drink up. Considering the vitamin C and overall immune system support is there any reason why OJ should be off limits? Besides, H2O will always be the best way to hydrate a hound! There is usually no harm done if a dog has a little bit of this citrus beverage. Just keep it to a minimum!

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Is Orange Juice Bad For Dogs : An Owner’s Guide To Vitamin C

When you own a dog, you surely know that his stomach can be very sensitive. Yes, some dogs would mindlessly eat anything but that bad habit leaves them sick afterward. What about drinks? Should you be as strict in sharing your drink as you are when feeding anything new to your buddy? We drink it for the Vitamin C benefits.



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