Can i use facebook logo on my business card

Free Social Media Icons (The Ones You’re Actually Allowed to Use)

can i use facebook logo on my business card

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With the use of Twitter and other social media applications i. Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram on the rise, small business owners are beginning to reconsider the traditional business card design and opting for designs that include their social media links. Some techie oriented entrepreneurs are even foregoing hard copy, cardstock business cards altogether in favor of virtual business cards or including QR codes on their traditional business cards. Regardless of what you decide to choose, in this Web 2. Even if you opt for the virtual business card design , it still might be a good idea to have a basic hard copy version of your business card to exchange at networking events or conferences or to give to all those late adopters to the web. Make sure you consider including social media links in your design or if you wish --frankly, you can choose to have both. But don't forget there is some basic information you should always include in your design and other items you can drop altogether.

No website is complete without social media icons. But before slapping icons on every asset your company owns, there are a few things to consider—including legalese. Despite the ubiquity of icons in all shapes, colors and sizes online, social media icons are registered trademarks. They are protected by copyright and enforceable brand guidelines. Download the full suite of icons.

Insert the Facebook logo -- and your profile name -- on your business card to Create a new layer so you can freely move the logo after you add it in without.
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Your Twitter and Facebook business accounts are valuable marketing assets with powerful customer engagement potential. Providing links to your social media pages on your business cards increases the likelihood that your potential customers will find and follow your company online. Customers immediately recognize brand images. People expect a Facebook link to follow an F on a blue background, and they know that an image of a blue bird silhouette points to a Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter maintain specific guidelines around the use of their brand images.

Which Social Media Icons and Logos Can I Print?

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How to Include Social Media Icons Into Your Business Card Design

Facebook has very strict guidelines regarding the use of its logos. Copy the code Facebook generates automatically. Paste this into the HTML editor of your choice. Save the document as an. Open the html file you just created; you will be able to see your badge. If you need to make changes, go back to step 1.

Social media is a major part of almost all our lives. We use it to stay connected with our aunt who lives across the country, to creep on a potential new love interest, and sometimes, to follow brands and companies. How can your business use social media logos? What are the rules? Finish that status update and get ready to learn more about printing social media icons.





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