Where can i get a china visa photo taken

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where can i get a china visa photo taken

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Having a Chinese passport comes with certain responsibilities, like making sure you have the correct passport photo. Why not take it yourself through My Passport Photos , a service with plenty of experience to help you get a photo that meets the requirements? Look through our handy Quick Facts section, then get yourself a valid Chinese passport photo fast. Since many visas can be processed online these days, this is the ideal way to take care of it timeously. The above guidelines are a snapshot of what to expect when getting your passport or visa photos ready for submission. There are quite a few more in depth details requiring your attention as well.

Just as important as a valid passport and China Visa Application Form , 2 qualified photos are also the basic requirement to apply for a visa for China. Applicants can upload a recent white color passport photo while filling in the visa application form online, or paste the photo on the paper application form. If the photo does not meet requirements, the application will not be processed by the Chinese Embassy and Consulates. Check more details in the following guide to ensure you get a appropriate photo taken. Color: a color RGB 24bit true color photo, any black and white photo is not accepted.

I am in the process of applying for my visa to china I have just noticed that they require a photo of 48mm by 33mm for the visa, rather than the standard UK passport photo size of 45mm by 35mm. Does anyone know where I can get photos of this size? I was planning on just going to the local Boots and using the photo booth, but I am guessing they don't do 48mm by 33mm photos! I need to post it on monday! I used the regular uk photo booths and it was completely fine! Got my visa back within a week.

Thank you for choosing Oasis, if you have any question or concern feel free to contact us again. We are a private company specialized in visa processing. We are not affiliated with the Chinese Embassy or any other government agencies. Applicants always have the option to apply through the Chinese Embassy Visa Office in person. Using visa agencies is only optional for the visa processing but not a requirement.

In accordance with the instruction from Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Applicant is required to submit one photo while applying for Chinese visa. The following detailed requirements of the photo should be satisfied:. It must be a color photo with white background, taken recently within the last 6 months. Photo size: 48mmx33mm, width of head: 15mm to 22mm, height of head: 28mm to 33mm. Please refer to the picture below:. While taking the photo,please face the camera with the entire head and face clearly visible. There should be no extra movement or objects visible in the photo.

China Visa 33x48 mm Photo Size and Requirements

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