How long before you can walk on epoxy floor

Wait before you park on new epoxy floor

how long before you can walk on epoxy floor

Q How long before I can walk on the floor? Q How long before I can put my car back in the garage? Q What do you recommend using to clean my floor? Q Is the .

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If this is a new term for you, epoxy is the final product made of epoxy resins, which is a type of strong glue used for sticking things together and covering surfaces. In other words, it is a name for a type of a strong adhesive used for sticking things together. Usually, two resins must be mixed before being used. In this article, Barefoot Surfaces will answer some of the most-asked questions about epoxy floors. We offer different types of epoxy floors that have a solid color, light or heavy color, chipped floors and some with a complete granite flooring.

Home Gallery of Garages. Secondary Containment Coatings. Free Estimate Sign-up Response Page. Please state your question. We will respond as soon as possible. Q: I have a friend that did his own floor and it is peeling up in several places.

First, the most asked part of that question: The My Gorilla Garage floor coating system is installed in just one day! Our exclusive one-day process is more than simply applying a coating. We perform a detailed moisture check of the concrete, then use diamond cutting machines to prepare the surface. Note, we do not use acid — we use a mechanical process to ensure the coating will bond correctly. Since the My Gorilla Garage system is a polyaspartic polyurea coating, it actually absorbs into the concrete, so your garage is finished in just one day. The good news just keeps getting better! With My Gorilla Garage you can walk on the floor two hours after we finish in most situations.

Epoxy Flooring FAQ’s

Epoxy Flooring Step by Step


This is a common question that has a few different answers. It depends on what type of vehicle you will be parking on your new epoxy floor and what type of epoxy paint you used. You normally have to wait a few days before parking any vehicle on a newly coated floor. The reason being is that although the epoxy will be dry to the touch in about hours the chemical curing process is still going on. Technically speaking the molecular cross linking is still occurring and as time goes on the cross links get tighter which means the coating is getting stronger and harder. Depending on temperature and humidity we recommend you keep standard size vehicles off your floor for at least 3 days. Larger vehicles and SUVs should stay off 4 days.

Epoxy flooring and concrete Sealers F. Q What type of flooring systems does Garage Sealers offer? Q How is the garage floor prepped prior to putting down the epoxy? Q How long does it take for Garage Sealers to install my new floor? Q How long before I can walk on the floor? Q How long before I can put my car back in the garage? Q What do you recommend using to clean my floor?


If you have never had your epoxy floors coated before, you will most likely have many How Soon Can I Start Walking on The Floors Again After Installation?.
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