I can feel a lump in my pelvic area

Pelvic Mass

i can feel a lump in my pelvic area

Hoag For Her | Center for Wellness · Women's Pavillion A pelvic mass is an enlargement or swelling in the pelvic region. Most are benign conditions, such as an Ovarian Cyst, while others can be related to gynecologic cancer. Pelvic pain (most comon); Swelling or a bloated feeling of the abdomen; Frequent urination.


After months of back and forth and being fobbed off by doctors, one doctor finally said he thinks i have Endo which i've been saying all along. So he is sending me for Lap Surgery. But i have a hard lump at the top of my pelvic area top of knickerline area , it disappears when i lie down though. Just a bit worried about this, on top of being worried about what they may find when they take a look inside. If you have and there was no cyst found, then it could well be your ovary which might be stuck with adhesions to another part of you and unable to fall back in to it's original space when you lie back. At least you are getting a lap, which is gret news. It does mean they can check for endo which you may or may not have, and cut back any adhesions that are sticking your organs together they will regrow-they always do but having adhesions doesn't mean you have endo, they are scar tissue from any trauma or injury you might have had from accidents, bumps, previous surgery, over stretching in the gym or any strain at any time of your life previously.

Sally presented to her primary care provider with a complaint of increased girth and pelvic pressure that had worsened during the previous 3 months. Sally, a year-old Caucasian, was in generally good health. She had successfully quit smoking about 2 years before her visit after a 30 pack-year history and currently worked full time as a massage therapist. Her history was significant for a lumbar laminectomy 15 years ago and a recent laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair. She had given birth to 2 children by uncomplicated vaginal deliveries 15 and 18 years ago.

I can feel a mass when I push on my pelvic area

I'm posting about my Grandma who is She found a small lump just above her groin in her pelvis last September. It went from the size of a golf ball to the size of a tennis ball in 3 months.




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