Yo my name is nicholas

Gummy money nicholas megalis

yo my name is nicholas

Nicholas Megalis - Gummy Money


Try telling a story in six seconds. With the social media app Vine, owned by Twitter, users are doing just that. They're creating everything from artistic pieces to random comedy sketches in six-second videos that loop endlessly. Nicholas Megalis , a year-old songwriter living in Brooklyn, recorded himself rapping as he pulled out a wallet full of gummy worms. The video titled " Gummy Money " has since become one of the most popular posts on the app, which launched in January.

In the ode to liars, Fraser—who is on Vine and Instagram under the username downgoes. Fraser joined Vine around two years ago and began releasing videos that gained a bit of traction although some went viral uncredited. Thanks to some re-Vines and shout-outs , his following ballooned from a few hundred to After his "Why You Lying" video went viral, we spoke with him about the making the Vine, why he has a toilet in his backyard, and being a viral star. Everyone has been saying you have the Song of the Summer.

On Vine, Brands Look To Deliver Their Message In Six Seconds

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An Interview With the Legend Behind the "Why You Always Lyin'" Video

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Yo, what's up everybody? This yo boy NicholasLAranda! I really only wanted to make one post in this forum, but since you have new member restrictions, I will have to follow by them until I can make that one post! I am literally addicted to Technology. I always try to know a little bit about everything in as many fields as possible where technology is used.

Which helped him become one of the most popular users on the app -- with more than 3. -


Vine Superstar Nicholas Megalis Just Came Out With A New Single You Never Knew You Needed



Yo my name is Nicholas and this is Ridiculous. Got mad gummy money and it is deliciousness. Will the ladies in the back say “NICHOLAS!”.
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