Game of thrones sansa stark

Sansa Stark

game of thrones sansa stark

Sansa Stark - The Queen in the North

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Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow have been the leading contenders to rule over the Seven Kingdoms for a while now, but a new theory suggests Game of Thrones Season 8 may surprise everyone and end the series with the Lady of Winterfell ruling all of Westeros. Subscribe for free to Multiverse and get Game of Thrones coverage delivered to your inbox the night the episode airs. Sansa helped Jon win the Battle of the Bastards in Season 6 by calling on the Knights of the Vale, and she worked with Arya and Bran to outsmart Littlefinger and have him executed for treason in Season 7. She is an immovable force and loyal to her people. While Daenerys and Jon may want to dive head first into the fight against Cersei, Sansa has been thinking about her people first. This theory hinges on three things happening for Sansa to rule. The first is that Daenerys turns into the Mad Queen.

Sansa Stark is a fictional character created by American author George R. While absent from the fifth novel A Dance with Dragons , as the books are separated geographically, Sansa is confirmed to return in the forthcoming next book in the series, The Winds of Winter. She was born and raised in Winterfell, until leaving with her father and sister at the beginning of the series. She was raised with a younger sister Arya Stark , two younger brothers Rickon Stark and Bran Stark , as well as an older brother Robb Stark , and an older illegitimate half-brother, Jon Snow [5]. Raised as a lady, Sansa is traditionally feminine.

Sansa Stark is one of the major POV characters in the books. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones , she is played by Sophie Turner. Sansa is traditionally beautiful, taking after her mother's family House Tully with her high cheekbones, [6] vivid blue eyes, [7] and thick auburn hair. Raised as a lady, Sansa possesses the traditional feminine graces of her milieu, with a keen interest in music, poetry, singing, dancing, embroidery, and other traditional feminine activities. Like many girls her age, Sansa is enthralled by songs and stories of romance [13] and adventure, particularly those depicting handsome princes, honorable knights , chivalry, and love. Sansa's relationship with her sister Arya is often strained, and the two are opposites in most respects. Jon Snow , having covered himself with flour to appear as a ghost, once tried to scare his younger siblings in the crypt of Winterfell.

Initially betrothed to Prince Joffrey Baratheon , the heir to the Iron Throne , Sansa travels to King's Landing in preparation for her nuptials, but essentially becomes a hostage of House Lannister following the execution of her father on trumped-up charges of treason. Under the sometimes unwitting tutelage of Cersei Lannister , Margaery Tyrell , and Petyr Baelish , Sansa becomes well versed in politics and court intrigue, but suffers all the same. Even after escaping the capital and returning to her childhood home of Winterfell , she endures further hardship at the hands of House Bolton. After escaping from Winterfell with the help of her father's former ward , Theon Greyjoy , and her sworn-sword, Brienne of Tarth , Sansa reunites with Jon at Castle Black. Along with the support of the Free Folk , the knights of the Vale , and certain Northern house, the two of them retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton , and Sansa becomes the Lady of Winterfell , whilst Jon is declared King in the North.

She went from being a young girl with naive, romantic dreams of princes and marriage, to a survivor so wily she even outwitted Westeros' political mastermind, Littlefinger. Her sister Arya might have had a lonelier and stranger path, and her beloved half-brother Jon Snow is headed for a game-changing destiny, but Sansa's trajectory is no less impressive. After being a pawn in others' hands, she's still here, right at the end of it all. Now, in the forthcoming final season of the hit fantasy show, she'll be more important and powerful than ever. With most of her enemies dispatched, she can turn her mind to the future Theories about the final season of GoT abound, and among them feverish discussions of Sansa's future, from her ultimate fate to whether she will make strategic moves through marriage. Obviously, this is a fate that could befall any GoT character or, in fact, all of them , thanks to those pesky White Walkers.

Timid and naive Sansa has come a very long way. Always the most observant character, she learned from her father and Tyrion but she also learned from her enemies. Watching Cersei, Littlefinger and even Daenerys, Sansa has had a masterclass in what to do and what not to do. More than that, she is now in the perfect position to control more than just the North. The Queen in the North is about to become the most powerful person in all Westeros. Her younger brother Bran is sitting pretty as the new King of the Six Kingdoms.

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The first-time Emmy nominee chatted with The Envelope about growing up in the spotlight and growing into the role of future queen. I have to admit I found Sansa one of the more objectionable characters at first — her tween petulance and selfishness.,


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