Ray lewis hits chad johnson

Ray Lewis’ Greatest Hits

ray lewis hits chad johnson

Chad Johnson V Ray Lewis

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He just has fun…. Dude gets a bad rap. Chad should just put a bullseye on his helmet to make it easier for Ray to give him another decapitator. Ray Lewis should have responded and sent a bottle of aspirin for the hit he put on him last game. Foolish, foolish… The Ravens D looked very good last week and if they can play like they did last time against Cincy and even better, while getting more offensive production, Ravens will win.

The big story around the NFL through the first three weeks has been roughing the passer penalties. Terrell Suggs and the Ravens defense has been a hot topic all week. Terrell Suggs has sacking the QB down to a science. Asking for a friend. Luckily, comedian Kevin Hart has the Ravens defense covered. He explained how to properly sack a quarterback. BleacherReport SimmsAndLefkoe ochocinco pic.

Do all the fines the NFL hands out each week for illegal hits actually make the game any safer? Twenty five grand is tip money to Lewis. His place is secure and he can say anything he wants, but he is right. I think Lewis is a gasbag, but he got a raw deal on this. How was he supposed to stop himself in mid-air? Chad just wears a helmet way too big and with his chinstrap not buckled. Fines are basically chump change.

Log in or Sign up. Take a look at NFL. Halfway through the interview, it's worth it, trust me they show Ray laying the wood on Chad. What was funny was that Chad texted Ray earlier in the week and told him that he was going over the middle and was going to hit him. Ray told him that was "bad idea".

The first 17 seasons in the year history of the Baltimore Ravens brought one of the greatest linebackers of all-time, Ray Lewis. You have the Eddie George strip in the playoffs, the game-saving fourth down stop on Darren Sproles in , and some of the hardest hits football fans have ever seen, including this one on Chad Johnson in He played in games, accumulating 1, tackles, His career resume earned him a first-ballot nomination in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of Lewis will be enshrined on Saturday, Aug. It was never supposed to stick, but Ravens fans loved it.

One fine is for Lewis' helmet-to-helmet hit on Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco. The other was for an incident on a pass play late in the game; the league said Lewis "unnecessarily kicked" a Bengals player. It wasn't immediately clear whom Lewis kicked. The hit on Ochocinco near the middle of the field sent the receiver's helmet flying. Sources said the NFL was primarily concerned with penalizing Lewis for unnecessarily striking a defenseless receiver. The play came in the fourth quarter of Baltimore's loss.

Ray Lewis not sorry for hit that got him fined

RayLewis hardest hits

Chad Johnson Recalls Wanting to Fight Ray Lewis After Game for Huge Hit

Many believe that Lewis is not only the greatest middle linebacker of all time, but also the greatest defensive player to ever grace a football field. Lewis was revered among his peers for his passion, mental acumen and work ethic, but most of all, he was feared. Lewis was a menace to the opposition, unleashing hell on offenses across the league. The artist formerly known as Chad Johnson pays the price for running his mouth. Ray was flagged here, but he probably felt it was worth it to shut the mouth that roared. Lewis provides the endgame here, delivering a knockout blow to Ward and his career. The always bombastic New York Jets felt especially confident coming into the season, so much so that their coach and linebacker Bart Scott began a war of words with their former team.




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  1. Chad Ochocinco talks about chasing Ray Lewis' car shirtless, trying to to fight Lewis after an ugly "sandwich" hit during a Bengals-Ravens.

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