Way out west shooting range

Way Out West Shooting Center

way out west shooting range

Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy - The Big Sandy Shoot

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Are you looking to dive into the sport of shooting? Or maybe you just want to learn how to fire a gun? The Target Range has been a leader in the firearms industry for over 30 years. Our expert staff is here seven days a week to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your range time. Plus, we offer one of the largest selections of firearms in the Los Angeles area. Most guns ship in as little as one or two days. We price most guns at or below MSRP and we offer discounts on shooting range memberships when you buy a firearm.

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Ever thought about booking your own private range for the day? At Okeechobee Shooting Sports we now give you that ability! Ready to see what shooting at a 5-Star Range is like? With everything from rifle and pistol lanes, to galleries, to Clay Shooting Sports to firearm rentals- We have you covered! Wondering what a day at Okeechobee Shooting Sports is like? Or struggling trying to explain it to your friends? If a picture is worth 1, words, then this video says it all….

Shooting Sports. Gun etiquette is something that is most often not taught but everyone who is around guns should know. Before you pick up or accept a gun from someone, make sure you know how it works. When handing a gun to someone, remove the magazine if it has one, open the cylinder or lock open the action and look in the gun including the chamber to make sure it is not loaded. Then, with the cylinder or action still locked open, hand the unloaded gun to the person with the muzzle pointing away from them. That person will then take possession of the gun and also check it for ammunition out of respect for the gun and the person who just handed it to them.

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Big Pine Key homeowner has gun range in his yard, and it's totally legal



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