Youngest mother in history was only five years old

1939: The Youngest Mother in History had a Baby when she was only Five Years Old

youngest mother in history was only five years old

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Jump to navigation. Back in , a girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The only note-worthy detail in this was the girl's age: she was only five-years-old. Lina lived in a small Peruvian village located 7, feet up in the mountains -- the nation's poorest region. The girl's parents initially thought their daughter was suffering from a massive abdominal tumour, but after being examined by doctors in Pisco, Peru, they discovered she was eight-months pregnant. Medina's condition certainly came as a surprise to everybody who studied the case, but among pediatric endocrinologists, it wasn't entirely unthinkable.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Although we can see a tremendous amount of variety in the plant and animal life all around us, both within and between species, many of us still find extremes in variety among human beings somewhat disconcerting. Perhaps the most discomfiting record of this nature involves the youngest person ever to give birth, reputedly a five-year-old girl — not only because such a record posits that a child barely of kindergarten age involuntarily underwent an experience we associate with physical and psychological maturity, but also because it implies the commission of an act now considered to be nothing less than child molestation. Regardless of our squeamishness, we have to note that the claim of a five-year-old girl giving birth is true.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 29 August This is a list of youngest birth mothers between 5 and 10 years of age.
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Doctors originally thought that she had a tumor, but they then determined that she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. Dr Gerardo Lozada took her to Lima to have other specialists confirm that she was pregnant. Newspaper accounts indicate that interest in the case developed on many fronts. The San Antonio Light newspaper in Texas reported in its 16 July edition that a Peruvian obstetrician and midwife association had demanded that she be transported to a national maternity hospital. A month and a half after the original diagnosis, Medina gave birth to a boy by caesarean section. She was 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days old, [1] the youngest person in history to give birth.

At the time of delivery, she was 5 years, 7 months and 17 days old. Lozada took Lina to a more advanced hospital in Lima to confirm the pregnancy diagnosis. The diagnosis was confirmed. Precocious puberty is basically the early onset of sexual development. Most girls begin experiencing puberty around the age of ten boys usually start a little later, around the ages of 11 or Lina had experienced her first menstrual cycle at the age of two and a half or three. She had fully developed breasts by the age of four.

Lina Medina, the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, 1939

The Shocking Story Of Lina Medina, a 5-Year-Old Girl, Who Gave Birth

5-Year-Old Gives Birth

Wikimedia Commons Lina Medina with her son. In the early spring of , a worried family from a remote village in Peru took their five-year-old daughter to a doctor in faraway Lima. To their shock and dismay, the doctor diagnosed their daughter, Lina Medina, as being seven months pregnant. Six weeks later, Medina became, at the age of five years and seven months, the youngest girl known to have given birth. Her case took pediatricians of the time by surprise, and the matter has been the subject of speculation ever since. Medina never revealed who the father was, and to this day she and her family shun publicity from the outside world. Roughly ten times more girls than boys develop this way, and there is reason to suspect that it might be accelerated by sexual contact at an early age.

List of youngest birth mothers

WHEN Lina Medina's stomach began growing, doctors were certain she was suffering from a large tumour - she was only five years old, after all. But after running tests they found she was seven months pregnant after being raped and weeks later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. At the age of five, her mother noticed her growing abdomen after she complained about having stomach pains. Just weeks later on May 14, , she gave birth to a baby boy via Caesaerean as her young pelvis was deemed to small for a natural birth. When Gerardo was born , the doctor discovered that despite only being five years old, Lina had mature sexual organs and suffered from a a condition called precocious puberty. Although the family have never spoken to the press, Lina's mother reportedly noticed that her daughter started having periods from the age of three.


Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado is a Peruvian woman who became the youngest confirmed mother in history, giving birth at age five years, seven months, and 21 days. how a five-year-old girl could conceive a child. Extreme precocious pregnancy in children aged five or under has only been documented with Medina .
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  1. On this day in , a five-year old Peruvian girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a son, making her the youngest mother on record.

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