New hip hop music videos

Ten hottest hip hop videos: July 2019

new hip hop music videos

Check out the Hottest Hip Hop Music Videos with top hip hop artists. Videos updated daily!.

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Music videos are the perfect opportunity for artists to flex. For artists, it's a moment when their fans and followers—whether passive or die-hard—are fully engaged. They've got the spotlight and only a few minutes to make the most of it. Rappers have been pushing their creative bounds via their visuals in , serving up shareable, meme-able, rewind-worthy clips among a pool of less-notable productions that will go unaddressed here. The video is so cinematic that its YouTube description dubs it an official movie. Meanwhile, Cardi B literally bared all in the eye-popping video for "Press," also showing her love for Offset in the video for their "Clout" collaboration. Hot Girl Meg, indeed.

If you'd declared a decade ago that music videos would be the most popular format on YouTube, you'd be gently maneuvered back to your room, given your meds, and told to resume your knitting project -- you always feel better when your hands are engaged. Our project here, however, is not merely a popularity contest. The videos below showcase the best collaborative work between artists and directors, a list we'll update regularly throughout the year. While most matters of taste are subjective choices filtered through a funhouse mirror maze of cultural and personal experiences, you'll find that these selections are objectively correct by any reasonable standard. Catch up on the best music videos of here. In it for the music? Check out the best albums of here , and the best songs of here.

The top hip hop songs chart is updated daily. Julian Convex - Impro 2. We keep you up to date with the hottest new releases of Hip Hop songs Estelle feat. Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. Jazzdrip - Special Place 4. Listen, share and download the very latest hip hop songs, mp3 download, Gqom songs, Afro House songs, Amapiano songs, Albums, and Mixtapes. It offers a combination of hip hop and instrumental jazz, and features artists like Shing02, Substantial, Five Deez and Cise Starr.

Playlist with some of the best of newly released Hip-Hop music videos. Updated frequently! Playlist of new Hip-Hop, Electro & Reggaeton.
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The best hip hop music videos, voted on, suggested and ranked by music lovers, take us back decades to earlier days of rap and hip hop music and span into the present. That's up to you folks. Vote for your favorite rap videos and add any we've missed below. Though certainly not the first to rap, notable older rap groups and rappers like Ice Cube and Run DMC certainly paved the way for artists to come. Like the best rock music videos , these rappers created classic videos that laid the groundwork for future generations of rappers to improve upon. Perhaps some of the best hip hop videos came from the s when the East Coast versus West Coast rap battles brought us memorable videos from artists like Tupac Shakur , the Notorious B.

The whole vibe of the "Hola Bonita" video fits that of a hot, trendy nightclub with the way that everyone is dancing as much as they can and how the lights are glimmering bright to make HiJak and his female counterpart pop to viewers at home. In the video that accompanies "In Silence," viewers get exposed to two significant aspects of the work: seeing Grimass and Shifta in their element and getting a real story to go along with the lyrics. New independent artist Deborah's Child releases the visual for her debut song "Margaret's Hymn", which fuses lo-fi beats with 90s' garage rock-inspired vocals. The "Running Through My Mind" music video is a remarkable piece of work in the sense that Gabby and Madi get to not only showcase the romantic meaning of their song but also some of their killer dance moves. The whole vibe of the "Hola Bonita" video fits that of a hot, trendy nightclub with the way that everyone is dancing as much as they can and how the lights are glimmering bright to make HiJak and his female counterpart pop to viewers at home Read More.

Talk about drama. The reveal of Juice as an unwanted crasher just highlights the emo sensibilities of the middle school heartbreak anthem as well as his Death Race For Love album. The cutaways to family members wrapped up in various forms of strife and tribulations only serve to highlight the joy of their bonds at the reunion, while guest J. Cole delivers one of his strongest feature verses to date. The lavish framing and color grading gives the video the texture of an aged photo album full of cherished memories, a visual reinforced by the closing shot of the group photo resting on the empty table when all is said and done. Megan Thee Stallion has straight up infuriated a certain type of rap conservative who wants female lyricists to cover up from head to toe. Instead, Tyler The Creator turned their rejections into one of his first true pop hits, complete with a hilarious visual that introduces us to the Igor alter ego that narratives his latest album.

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