Half life opposing force walkthrough

Half-Life: Opposing Force Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

half life opposing force walkthrough

Half-Life: Opposing Force - Full Walkthrough

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The introduction is rather short, where you are in transit to the Black Mesa facility. However, before you are given your orders, the transport chopper is shot down by alien forces. After crashing into the middle of the facility, a second airstrike incapacitates you. You awaken near a scientist that managed to revive you, but couldn't help the other two soldiers. He recommends using the radio located near the crash site to call for help. Exit the room, and when you come to a junction, take a left and collect your PCV.

The game was developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sierra Entertainment on November 1 , Opposing Force is the first expansion for Half-Life and was first announced in April Randy Pitchford, the lead designer on the game, later noted that he believed Gearbox was selected to develop Opposing Force because Valve wanted to concentrate on their future projects. Over the course of development, Gearbox brought in a variety of outside talent from other areas of the video games industry to help bolster various aspects of design. Opposing Force returns to the same setting as Half-Life, but instead portrays the events from the perspective of a U.

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This article describes the Half-Life: Opposing Force storyline , chapter by chapter. The story of Opposing Force cleverly interweaves with the events of Half-Life , so that the player catches a glimpse of Gordon Freeman, the main character from the original game. Shephard sees an officer making a pivotal radio broadcast that Freeman overhears in the first game, and visits some recognizable locations. The surviving scientists and security guards at the facility struggle to escape. Responding swiftly, the United States military initiates a massive "clean-up" operation to eradicate the alien presence at Black Mesa as well as "silence" any witnesses.

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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough Welcome to Black Mesa

Half-Life: OPPOSING FORCE 2: LOST - Full Walkthrough

Shephard wakes up in a lab. Some other soldiers were not as lucky as him. Continue down the corridor. You will see a soldier being carried on a stretcher.
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