Does dolly parton wear a wig

What Dolly Parton Has To Say About Beauty

does dolly parton wear a wig

Dolly Parton Goes Christmas Crazy in All Her Houses

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There are two ways to go about style. I have to have my makeup a certain way. I have to be comfortable. She looked like hell. She's so overdone. She used to walk down the street, and she had all this yellow, bleached hair, red lips, and real tight clothes.

One does not win 10 Country Music Association Awards, land 9 Grammy Now she says she never leaves the house without a wig on. Dolly's Childhood Sweetheart. Carl Dean is not only Dolly Parton's husband but also her childhood Not particularly fond of Dolly's decision to put on 'Gay Day' the KKK.
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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Despite being famous for more than 50 years now, Dolly Parton has been remarkably good at keeping some things secret. Her personal life? She's got a husband, but he's hardly ever seen. What she looks like without makeup or even natural makeup?

Over the years, Dolly Parton has had about every hairstyle imaginable. Instead, Parton manages to achieve her various looks through the use of wigs. Parton has never tried to hide the fact that she wears wigs, and she does so for a good reason. After trying get the looks she wanted with bleach and hot curlers, she knew she was damaging her hair. So to protect her hair, Parton simply started wearing wigs, which allowed her to pull off any look she wanted to. Beyond protecting her natural hair, Parton says one of the main reasons she wears wigs was to make her hair as big as possible. Parton also took the time to share three of her favorite wigs, starting with one she wore in for a duets album cover with Porter Wagoner.

This article unveils the truth about Dolly Parton in a way we never saw coming — and a way she was not ready for the world to see, until today. Her solution to her hair problems was fake hair! Now she says she never leaves the house without a wig on. The couple tied the knot in Ringgold, Georgia in when Dolly was just 20 years old. Dean manages to do a great job of staying out of the public eye, so most people know very little about him. The two lovebirds have been happily married for over 50 years!

Jimmy Fallon Wore Dolly Parton’s Wig on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

Christian celebrity Dolly Parton is a down-to-earth celebrity who's humble roots have helped her stay relevant and much loved. -






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  1. Dolly Parton has worn many different wigs in many different styles for many years , and has never made secret Did Dolly Parton wear wigs?.

  2. Dolly Parton's Hair Has Always Been Epic — & Here's Proof Parton has been wearing wigs for so long that they're part of her public During this era, she loved hair with flared-out ends, as did basically everyone in

  3. There's a reason why country star Dolly Parton is all dolled up all the She also explained that she can put on her wig and makeup in under a.

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