Does kindle fire have a camera for taking pictures

How to Transfer Pictures From My Camera to My Kindle Fire

does kindle fire have a camera for taking pictures

The 7-inch and inch Kindle Fire HDX models have front-facing cameras, and You can use your front-facing camera on either model to take both still photos.

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This tutorial shows you how to take Kindle Fire pictures and videos with the built-in camera on the HD tablets. Amazon has made accessing all the camera's features quite unfriendly, so this Kindle Fire tip is super useful and much more user friendly than Amazon's lack of instructions and access! This tutorial is specific to the Kindle Fire HD devices. The original Kindle Fire doesn't come with the built-in front-facing camera, and the newer models , , etc come with the necessary camera icon it's located under the "Photos" tab so you can access the camera directly on your tablet. Also, many of the newer models come with both front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

Since the device offers no direct camera-to-Kindle connection, however, you must first get those images off of your camera before transferring them onto your Kindle Fire. If your digital camera sports wireless capabilities -- some Sony Cyber-shot models, for example, are equipped with Wi-Fi photo and video sharing -- simply use the technology to share your images to the Web and then access the shots using your Kindle Fire's Web browser. If your camera isn't Web-enabled, you'll need to transfer the photos to your computer first and then get them to your Fire by way of an alternate solution. Once you have exported the images from the camera to your computer, transfer them to the Fire as you would any other document. You can, for example, email the photos to your Kindle's email address or connect the Fire to the computer via USB cable and drag and drop images to the device's internal storage. You can also install a cloud storage app on both your computer and Kindle Fire -- such as Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, Dropbox or SugarSync -- and take advantage of cloud file syncing across devices.

Unlike some other tablets, the Kindle Fire HD does not have a dedicated camera app available from its dashboard. Instead, the device's camera controls are.
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