What does the 250 in a 22 250 stand for

What You Need To Know About .22-250 Vs .223 Caliber

what does the 250 in a 22 250 stand for

Hornady 50 Gr GMX Bullet review to of .22-250

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Introduced in as a factory cartridge, the. No question, it was a great cartridge in its day, and it's a classic. However, it's also archaic. Related video:. No, there's nothing wrong with its speed. After all, it can drive a grain bullet at 3, fps, and that's fast enough for me.

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22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger vs 220 Swift: Clash Of The Speed Demons

There seem to be a never ending discussion about what caliber is the best and what weapon to use, especially when it comes to hunting. Some prefer higher caliber weapons, while some prefer smaller ones, with less recoil and better aim. When it comes to Remington rifle, one of the most discussed issue is the use of.





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