What does eat my shorts mean

Eat my shorts!

what does eat my shorts mean

rude slang A dismissal that expresses one's anger or frustration with someone. Well-known as Bart Simpson's catchphrase on The Simpsons. Leave me alone!; Nonsense!; Drop dead!.

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Bart uses it to express his rebellious attitude, usually to authority figures. Bart first said it when he was in kindergarten, to Principal Skinner when he was misbehaving. On some occasions, the phrase was taken literally, such as when Bart was teasing a donkey and the donkey really did eat his shorts. The real history behind the phrase is that Nancy Cartwright , Bart's voice actor, improvised the line during a table read. She first said it as a prank when she was in her high school marching band at Fairmont High School. The band was supposed to chant, "Fairmont West!

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Ask a Question. Forums alt. I'm a South Korean. This is the first time I post a topic in this group. I'm watching the Simpsons. Bart says "Eat my shorts" a lot and I know it's some kind of insult. Do you have any idea?

I'm Tellin' Anyway. One of Bart Simpson's most famous catchphrases didn't originate with "The Simpsons" writers, but with the voice of Bart herself. Nancy Cartwright says Bart's "Eat my shorts! The site is part of the Archive of American Television, which does long-form interviews with performers, producers, writers and executives spanning the history of TV. Cartwright explains that "Eat my shorts" was something she and her high school marching band cohorts occasionally chanted when they were goofing around. It stuck in her mind, it got a big laugh from the writers, and a catchphrase was born. Cartwright also talks about the give-and-take between cast members and writers and how ad-libs like her now-legendary one can make it into the script.

eat my shorts

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more., Bart uses it to express his rebellious attitude, usually towards authority figures. He pulls his shorts down, and shakes his butt at people, simply to offend them.




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