Pregnant but no morning sickness

Morning sickness may signal healthier pregnancy

pregnant but no morning sickness

I'm 5 weeks pregnant, but I don't have sickness or any other symptoms. Is that normal?


Ronna L. From 50 percent to 90 percent of women have morning sickness in early pregnancy, Chan and her team note in the journal Human Reproduction, and previous studies have found that women who have these symptoms are less likely to miscarry. To investigate the relationship in more detail, Chan and her colleagues looked not only at the presence or absence of these symptoms, but how long the symptoms lasted, in more than 2, women living in three US cities. Eighty-nine percent of the women had some degree of morning sickness, while 53 percent had vomiting as well as nausea. Eleven percent of the women miscarried before 20 weeks.

Although many women do have nausea and/or vomiting during pregnancy, many others have perfectly healthy pregnancies without any.
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Is morning sickness a rite of passage? Find out why you might not have to deal with the nausea. All the other moms-to-be are green with both nausea and envy--you've made it through your first trimester without even a hint of queasiness or a bout of vomiting. But without that queasy feeling, you might start wondering whether you're baby is A-OK in there. But you can rest easy. So who are these lucky few who avoid the weeks-long nausea fests?

Why You Shouldn't Worry If You Don't Have Morning Sickness

You often have other symptoms like diarrhea, sweating, and abdominal pain or cramping along with it., You might be worried having read news last week about a new study suggesting women who suffer morning sickness are at lower risk of having a miscarriage. This is a single study, and we don't know what other factors may have affected the outcome for either group of women.

But don't worry, that's not what this study is saying.
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  1. We want to reassure pregnant women who don't get morning sickness that they but it's essential that pregnant women who have not been experiencing any.

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