Albuquerque hot air balloon festival 2018


albuquerque hot air balloon festival 2018

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta New Mexico hot air balloon festival .. **NOTE: These did not run in as last September New Mexico Rail.

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The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is the largest hot air ballooning event in the world and is said to be the most photographed event on earth! Events include the mass ascension of hundreds of balloons, a gas balloon race, balloon glows, balloon competitions, and more! This is a dazzling event of colorful beauty and one of my favorite festivals in the world. I have had the pleasure of attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta first in when I was living and working in Albuquerque and then again in and This post is updated with new information each year.

For nine days in October, the Albuquerque skies are colorfully painted as more than balloons lift off from Balloon Fiesta Park. Walk among the moving picture show of hot air balloons lifting gently through the crisp, fall air. It'll feel like you're in a dream. Virtual Tour. View the Balloon Fiesta Schedule. Whether it's your first visit to Albuquerque or you're a frequent visitor, our beautiful Visitors Guide is the best resource for all you need to know about events, attractions, dining and shopping. Balloon Fiesta events take place at varying points of the day and evening, offering a magical experience for all.

Hot air balloon festivals are held annually, throughout the year, all over the USA and the world. We have updated our calendar for balloon festivals the ones with actual dates have been confirmed and the others just list the month that they were in this year , to be held in 25 states across the USA. The list view is sortable by balloon festival name, state, and date. If you do come across one that we missed, please link to it in the comments below and we will try to get it added before the balloon festival season ends. But first check out our Top 10 Balloon Festivals in the U. A for Inspiration! The 9 day long Balloon Fiesta has over participating balloons each year.

Guide to Attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

500 Hot Air Balloons // Albuquerque, NM Balloon Fiesta

2018 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

If you will be visiting Albuquerque, be sure to schedule hotel and car rentals early. For more information, visit the Balloon Fiesta Schedule web page. See you there! The Balloon Fiesta was a blast! I must say that this year we enjoyed near perfect weather during the Fiesta. Wind conditions were ideal, allowing special shape balloons to take flight nearly every day the only exception was Sunday.

Your Guide to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2019

The Balloon Fiesta is a nine-day event from October 6 to October 14, and has over hot air balloons each year. The event is the largest balloon festival in the world. Dick then asked one of his radio announcers, Tom Rutherford, to work with Sid. After the 50th Birthday Celebration, Tom began flying hot air balloons. He flew the Budweiser balloon for many years. The first fiesta ended up as a gathering of 13 balloons on April 8, , sponsored by KOB. The first event was located in the parking lot of the Coronado Center Shopping Mall with 20, spectators and with balloonists from Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and Texas taking part.

This is why you will not want to miss out on all the fun and activities we have planned for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. If you need additional honey wagon service, on-site honey wagon will be available for an additional fee. If you need an additional water fill, on-site water trucks will be available for an additional fee. Extra tickets will be available for purchase, or you can sit back in your lawn chair to watch the balloons fly right over your motor home! Hospitality Tent Activities Include: Welcome reception and orientation, Pilot Presentation, 5 catered evening meals, early morning coffee and socials, Mariachi entertainment, entertainment by Syd Masters, and Farewell Continental Breakfast. NOTE: This event is subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control, or for the best interest of the participants. Please add your comments below.

AllTheRooms is made up of a range of travelers who have lived, worked, and partied in all areas of the planet. We research the best places and most important tips for all types of globetrotters looking to scratch their wanderlust itch. Last Updated on May 29, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the largest ballooning festival in the world, with close to hot air balloons taking to the sky during the weeklong festival. Thousands of people — kids and adults — come to the festival to watch the balloon-filled sky over Albuquerque.

I attended the Balloon Fiesta. It is an amazing experience! If the weather conditions are not suitable, the balloons do not fly. Fiesta isn't until fall, but balloon museum is open year around. Even if you don't participate in the sport, the museum is well done, and provides a history of ballooning and a lot of scientific facts.

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  2. In October the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta creates an enchanted world of special shape balloon rodeos, twilight balloon glows, Hot Air Balloons.

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