Expandable wedding rings for arthritic fingers

Superfit™ Adjustable Ring Shanks for Arthritic Joints

expandable wedding rings for arthritic fingers

Superfit® Installation Series- Joining two rings onto one Superfit® Installation Blank

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Skip to main content. Arthritis Ring. In Stock. So far so good. However you can adjust how high or low you want it. Looks pretty and works for pain.

To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up. No more twisting and turning. No more forcing rings on and off. No more forcing rings over the knuckle. The Finger Mate shank opens automatically when the ring is pulled from the top and locks closed when its sides are squeezed together.

If you have found it difficult to wear your favorite rings or haven't purchased that new ring you want due to the problems associated with ring fit and finger joint swelling , Lustig Jewelers can create a new ring or retrofit an existing ring with an adjustable shank. Sizing a ring to pass over an enlarged knuckle is not a satisfactory solution. This is because the ring will be very loose at the point where it's worn. The excess space will allow the ring to turn on the finger in a very unattractive manner. In addition to this, the turning and constant correction of its position will become very uncomfortable and annoying.

Arthritis Ring

According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 54 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis. This painful condition can cause swelling, stiffness, and severe joint pain throughout the body. Unfortunately, it can also affect the ability to wear certain pieces of jewelry since many people who suffer from arthritis find it difficult to wear rings.

How to Wear Rings When Your Joints Swell: Adjustable Rings For Arthritis

This upscale high-end fine jewelry line has finally come out with rings that have the arthritis patient in mind. Actually — their beautiful jewelry is well-suited to anyone whose ring size may change, whether due to arthritis swelling and deformities, to weight gain, pregnancy, or any other reason. But they are worth it — and so are you! See, this is a personal issue for me. Aside from the fact that I love fashion and have written about the need for adaptability, accessibility, and ergonomic design in shoes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and beauty tools, I also have my own experience with rings getting stuck.



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