Which island to visit in hawaii for the first time

Everything you need to know about visiting Hawaii for the first time

which island to visit in hawaii for the first time

Best Island in Hawaii For First Timers


At Go Visit Hawaii, we completely understand all the challenges of planning a Hawaii vacation, because we are travelers to Hawaii just like you. We fell in love with Hawaii in and have visited Hawaii dozens of times since then. We write the very same unbiased advice at Go Visit Hawaii that we would give to our closest friends and family! Pssst: If you have a difficult time choosing, just go to Maui. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui seems to always win more awards from the travel magazines and surveys.

I have never been to Hawaii , and really do not know very much about any of the islands. My father recently passed away and my mother is turning 70 this year, and we would like to take her on a trip to celebrate her life. My mother said she always wanted to go to Hawaii, but she is not an experienced traveler so I'm not sure what would be best for her. It would be my husband and myself experienced travelers with our daughter who would be under 2 years of age, and my sister, along with my 70 yr old mother. She has some small mobility issues, had knee replacement surgery in the past, but can walk fine - just a little slower now.

Wherever you travel around the Hawaiian Islands, fantastic beaches, friendly faces and ono grinds good eats are practically guaranteed, but every island has a unique flavor. Get swept up by the kinetic energy of the capital island, O'ahu. Hang loose on Maui , which offers a little something for everyone, but especially for beach bums. Gaze at the towering sea cliffs on ancient Kaua'i. Escape to total resort luxury on Lana'i or learn to live life off the land on rural Moloka'i , where native Hawaiian traditions run strong.

There are some affiliate links below. Because you should totally check out some of the things mentioned on Amazon. Also see some of the most popular items bought specifically for a trip to Hawaii — these types of sandals perfect for hiking in hot weather, these types of shoes perfect for snorkeling with rocky beach entrances, this CHEAP waterproof phone case so you can take underwater pics with your phone, the BEST travel guide book series for Hawaii available for every island, and the best sunscreen for Hawaii. Turtles in Hawaii are protected by both the federal government and state government under wildlife conservation laws. You will probably learn this word pretty quickly once you get to Hawaii because you will hear it so much. You can also say aloha as a substitute for goodbye too.

Though there are plenty of other amazing Hawaiian Islands to visit …. Top Tip: Oahu is better when you hire a car…You can escape the crowds and really explore the beaches, mountains, small towns, and coastlines. Not only is Oahu the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit for your first time, but it is the cultural heart of the Hawaiian Islands — and home to the state capital Honolulu — with something to satisfy every visitor. Whether you want to find yourself on a beach at sunset, watch turtles bobbing in the surf, hike mountains covered in a lush jungle or relax in a boutique spa, Oahu will have you covered…. In fact, you can actually do all of these in one day!

Hawaii for first-timers: how to choose an island

Which Hawaiian Island is Best for you?

Why Oahu Is The Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For First Time! ??

Do you want balmy, soft sand beaches and plenty of ocean activities? Do you want mountainous interiors with jungles and waterfalls? Do you want good food and drink to go with a genuine Hawaiian spirit? Guess what? Hawaii consists of eight major islands, but only four are considered single tourist destinations.

While each of the 50 states that make up the United States have their own virtues, it is said that the State of Hawaii stands alone in her beauty., Looking for the best island to visit in Hawaii for first timers?

Which Hawaiian island for the first-time visitor?

Hawaii is one of those places that never lets up. During the colder months of December to February, people flock to the islands to get a bit of sun. Peak season runs from December to April especially during the Christmas holidays. That leaves fall September to November and spring March to June. Which island is best to visit depends on what you want out of your trip.


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