Why am i so unmotivated

How to Stop Being Lazy and Unmotivated

why am i so unmotivated

Someone who is unmotivated because their just lazy is usually Perhaps first we should question why laziness is perceived so negatively?.

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Everyone needs a little support from time to time to take the next step. I am here to listen and help you achieve what your heart desires. Moderated by Raifiel Cyril , Masters in Applied Psychology Counselor Everyone needs a little support from time to time to take the next step. Did you find this post helpful? Someone who is unmotivated because their just lazy is usually unmotivated when it is something they have to do and may not feel like doing like working,taking out the trash,etc.

Last Updated on March 13, But this habitual shirking and idleness can become the cornerstone of failure in the future. It is a frustrating habit that should be nipped right at the bud. If so, then this article can help. Not only will you learn about the main causes of laziness, you will also get a simple action plan for overcoming this bad habit. People who feel that they are in dead-end jobs or working on tasks that don't have a long-term benefits for them will find all types of reasons to justify their lack of effort. Motivation and inspiration pump you up and give you the energy to do whatever needs to be done, and complete it in the time frame that is expected.

We're just a few days into the New Year, and most likely you're still transitioning back into "the grind" of work, responsibilities, and general life. The holidays are over, and the shiny new resolutions you made may not be so shiny anymore. It's understandable that you might be feeling unmotivated and suffering from a post-holiday slump. Here are 10 steps to get energized right now:. Don't fight the lack of motivation. If you feel down or unable to muster tons of energy, let it be ok.

Here are some of the tips that helped me gain my way back to the norm and was able to handle my studies which minimal struggles. I later came to take the trouble out of myself by declaring a non-confidential issue and worked with experts who revealed to me that such was common. When I shared how the whole story started together with the group of experts, they were able to narrow down to the exact source and I was bailed out of this. The number one solution for your trouble should you find yourself in such a case is to share out your story as it is with experts. You, therefore, need to understand your study trend and the times you always do this to the optimum.

Maybe the answer is simple: You had a bad breakup, or life just sucks. Or maybe, the reason stems from something much deeper than that; maybe it is much more complicated. Or maybe, there is no reason at all. Sometimes, we feel "blah" and there is no scientific explanation for it. We might be just going through a tough period. But, it is manageable. When we lock ourselves in our rooms without any real contact with the outside world for extended periods of time, it can feel lonely.

When I first started out, I had a subconscious fear that my work was going to take a looooong time to finish. Someone wants a new blog design? My solution? I was shocked shocked! It was incredibly motivating to see how quickly I was able to work. Fear of how long it will take?

6 Reasons You're Not Feeling Motivated And What To Do About It

Feeling lazy? Use the 3 SECOND rule





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