Nba 2k19 3 point contest

Heres How to Shoot in "NBA 2K19" (Because They Finally Fixed the Shot Bar)

nba 2k19 3 point contest

NBA Worst 3-Point Contest Performances

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It looked as if Curry was going to steal Harris' thunder after making his first 10 shots in the final round, but he went cold during the middle racks. Curry rallied on the final rack, but fell two points short Harris hadn't generated any Moments cards this season, so his new Diamond card should be the second added to MyTeam. His release card has just a 75 overall rating and its a Silver. Needless to say, the man who wins the three-point shootout will have every long-distance badge available in the game.

you use the right analog stick any which way you choose to start a shoot meter which can be turned off or on in "presentation" in the pause menu. Once you start .
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For the third year running, the team at 2K Games has changed the shooting function on their flagship NBA game. Honestly, memorising how to shoot between NBA2K instalments is as pointless as buying a Carmelo Anthony jersey in the offseason. Thankfully, for NBA 2K19 , the shooting function has been changed for the better. But NBA 2K is never just that simple. You need to know much more than the correct buttons to mash if you want to successfully outscore your opponents, be they the all-All-Star Golden State Warriors or the decimated roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ultimately, it'll teach you more about balling than any article ever could. It was significantly smaller and shorter than the 'Stamina Bar', and it required peeled eyes and sharp reflexes.

You can watch the highlights here, and I recommend itit's fun:. The 3-point contest, which began in , is the best event of All-Star weekend, and anyone who claims that the dunk contest or the game itself is better The contest also has a fascinating history, and one thing to note when comparing results across the years is that the format has changed. In the past, each of the five racks had one "money ball" worth two points, and four "normal" balls worth one point apiece, but now the shooters get one rack full of money balls. Which means, of course, that overall scores are higher today. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the number of total shots: With five racks of five balls each, shooters have always had 25 chances, and 60 seconds to make their way around the arc.

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