Come at me bro original

Staten Island SMACKDOWN: 'Come At Me, Bro!' | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

come at me bro original

A phrase popularized by Ronnie from MTV's latest train wreck of a reality show, Jersey Shore.

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Come At Me Bro” is a confrontational expression used to suggest that one will not Origin. The phrase was popularized by the cast member Ronnie from.
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It is normally utilized as a pugnacious articulation where you are advising the other individual to come at you. This implies you would prefer not to start the battle, yet it is battled or is assaulted by somebody, you will be prepared to battle back. It is exciting how individuals have utilized an expression which is for the most part used for significant circumstances, making it currently stable diverting and making you chuckle. Since it is utilized in a circumstance where you are in contention with a companion or an outsider or are in a time where you may get into a battle, you can utilize it in such situations. Lauren: You need to battle?

Need Help? United States. Results 1 to 29 of Thread: So, where does "Come at me, bro! So, where does "Come at me, bro!

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The University of Florida Taser incident was an incident in which a University of Florida student was stunned with a taser at a forum featuring then U. Senator John Kerry.

Come At Me Bro

In image macro , the phrase is typically overlaid on a picture wherein the subject is making an aggressive posture, usually with arms spread out to each side. The phrase was popularized by the cast member Ronnie from Season 1, Episode 6 of the MTV reality series Jersey Shore , originally aired on January 7th, , in which he engages in a physical scuffle with a person on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, NJ: [7]. In the first three years, the video gathered more than 1. Prior to being archived, the post gained over up votes and comments. On January 30th, , the viral content site BuzzFeed [4] published a compilation of notable "come at me bro" image macros featuring various animal subjects shown below, left. On July 8th, BuzzFeed [5] published another "come at me bro" compilation with photographs of United States presidents with outstretched arms shown below, right. View All Images.

Top definition. Guy: Begins taunting Ronnie Ronnie: Come at me bro! Guy: more taunting Ronnie: No dude, you come at me bro. Hold your girl back and come at me bro! Conversation repeats consecutively for the next 5 minutes a fight eventually erupts on the boardwalk.


University of Florida Taser incident






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