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Pulsar motion effect and Geminga's high braking index

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Midnight in Tokyo, embracing a bottomless solitude. It is a dark, fast driving electro pop which may recall one of their early recordings. Dazzlingly beautiful. Its beautiful piano melodies will slowly pull out your bare emotions, softly wrapping you in soft silky veil. Only To Silence ft. Also check out our exclusive interview with LLLL here.

Building elements. Make request. Make contact. Find retailers. Kitchen Bath Wellness.

The process and result is like that of dipping a wire frame into a soap solution; a minimal surface film is created whose boundary is the wire frame itself. For a given frame there exist several minimal surfaces with different areas and combinations, as the frame goes beyond 2 dimensions. This interaction of curved structures and their minimal surfaces is central to the entire collection. The elegance and unique soft streamlined character of these lamps are the result of the direct organic process. The lamps are made by tightly stretching fabric around hand bended metal profiles. The result is highly dynamic organic volumes. The lamps look different from every angle, suggesting lightness and perpetual movement.

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collecting blue willow identification & value guide



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  1. Track taken from release, Paradice: Revisited by Friends & Lovers [ZLEP?- ?16] on ZOOM LENS. Free download.

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