Need for speed payback fortune valley

Fortune Valley Resort & Casino

need for speed payback fortune valley

Need For Speed Payback Abandoned Car January 18 2019

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Instantly reveal points of interest in Fortune Valley. Instantly reveal points of interest on your map of Fortune Valley. Find out where collectibles, activities and gas stations are located. Your very own map to success! Add to wishlist. Conditions and restrictions apply.

Need for Speed Payback shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Ghost Games just dropped a megaton of brand-new information about their upcoming open-world racer that dives into the world of Fortune Valley in Need for Speed Payback! If you want to see that trailer in full, it can be found below! Your journey in Need for Speed Payback will take you through mountains, canyons, desert, and of course, a main city. Each of these zones has its own name, along with landmarks, events, collectables, and everything else you come to expect in the biggest open-world ever seen in a Need for Speed game. What it lacks in style, however, is made up for in racing potential.

Developer Ghost Games rebooted Need for Speed in , but the underwhelming results left the series with more work to do. Payback takes place in Fortune Valley, a locale whose name reveals its cutthroat underbelly. The city is run by The House — a cartel that controls everything from the cops to the casinos. Your crew consists of three playable characters trying to take down The House: Tyler, Mac, and Jess, and the cars you race have five classes — race, drift, off-road, drag, and runner. Fortune Valley presents a variety of events and challenges through its mountain, canyon, desert, and city environments, not to mention the cops who'll chase you through the streets with more muscle than in the last game. Ghost Games also wants to inject some extra adrenaline into the story through daring heists, set pieces, and themes of betrayal and revenge. Unlike some past NFS games, Payback's scenes won't use live-action actors, but are rendered using the Frostbite engine.

They were introduced with the December Update released on December 19, , and the selection of possible vehicles was increased as part of the June Update released on June 19, The rotation of cars ran from the mode's introduction on December 19, to the end of the last abandoned car's availability on June 11, An abandoned car was highlighted as being available on the map with a timer counting down its window of availability. Within that window, the player could find the hidden abandoned car and return it to Rav's workshop on the airfield. The location of an abandoned car was not shown to the player until they passed close enough to its location in Fortune Valley. They were highlighted by an abandoned car icon above the vehicle, and were also highlighted by a notification, as well as having a marker for their location placed on the player's map.

Need For Speed Payback just got an update with some new content. Most of it is locked behind paid DLC, which adds two new cars, a new Speedcross class and 16 new events. As for free content, you can now get the Mazda RX But first, you have to find it. Oddly enough, the game will tell you to check the Need For Speed Twitter page to find the clues on where to find the RX-7, no in-game hints. The RX-7 is hiding somewhere in Fortune Valley! Follow the river and find it while enjoying the view of the two bridges.

Another Need For Speed Payback patch releases today, bringing in quite a few updates and fixes A new Need For Speed Payback patch is scheduled to arrive today, featuring the much anticipated The return of intense cop chases Connect with us. The smell of burnt rubber lingers through the city streets, a remnant of the activities that were carried out during the early hours of the morning. But the darkness of night now gives way to the light of day as the city of Silver Rock begins to spark into life as the sun breaks across the entire Fortune Valley region.

Need for Speed Payback: Fortune Valley


They are highlighted by an icon of a billboard. Nearby billboards will be telegraphed to the player and records its location on the player's map. Driving through a billboard will count it as being collected, and will be added to the player's journal as being found as well as having a tick next to its icon on the map. Each billboard collected rewards the player with 6, and 30, Collecting all 30 will unlock the " Does Not Obey " award. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Get ready to cruise around Fortune Valley with Need for Speed Payback 's various environments, spanning from the city streets to the desert. There are six distinct locations across the world, each with their own unique features. Not only will the fully featured map have all kinds of terrain, it will also have many points of interest. The extensive map will allow players to find their favorite place to cruise, race, escape cops , and more. We begin at Silver Rock, located at the south east of the map.

Welcome to Fortune Valley



Explore the variety of the world in Need for Speed Payback.
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